Join me on a Journey!

“I met a lot of people in Europe. I even encountered myself.” For the past 20 years I have occupied a small but important spot in the middle of the corn fields of the Midwest. I have stayed close to home and created a place where I nurtured and taught my five children. Our home […]

Adventure and Glamour in a New Give-away!

Rain that never quit, a car sick dog, howling wolves, these are only a few of the experiences that camping has blessed me with. Finding a puddle to wash out the sleeping bag that was christened by my car sick dog is not one of my fondest memories, although recalling my brother-in-law nearly burning down […]

No Expiration Date

Each of us has dreams, desires and goals. We may be currently working toward those goals and putting feet to our desires. Yet, there may still be dreams sitting on our selves that we take out to gaze at now and then. I am a mom to five children. I chose to homeschool which demanded […]

Olympic Dreams Revised

Seven notes blown from trumpets changed my life in 1976. The Olympic theme, “Bugler’s Dream” written in 1958 by Leo Arnaud is the well-known opening theme heard for every Olympics since 1968. Through the years, many have watched the Olympics and dreamed of one day standing on that podium and hearing the national anthem being […]

Homesick for Mayberry

Shazam! Sometimes I get downright homesick for Mayberry. Mayberry, the true star of the Andy Griffith show. The fictional hamlet that makes each viewer nostalgic for the town and life that lives in their hearts. Overly busy lives can cause us to dream of a time gone by, a time when neighbors stopped by for […]

“Beat the Blues” Contest

Beat those winter blues with my new giveaway!! To win you must be subscribed to this blog. Subscribe here! You must also be a member of The Breezy Porch Facebook group Join Here! Then once you are a part of our wonderful group, comment on any blog beginning Tuesday, January 30, 2018 until midnight EST […]

“Beat the Blues” GIVEAWAY

PRIZE TIME   “Beat the Blues” Give-Away Box   How do you beat the winter blues? With a “Beat the Blues” contest! I’m excited to share the contents of this box that is sure to chase those winter blues away. For this box some wonderful friends joined the fun. Charlene Dunning is the lovely lady […]