About Me

Hi, I’m Debbie Spence

This website is the home of one of my greatest passions—an unhurried life. I have been writing on the advantages of an unhurried life since 2011.

At one time I was an overwhelmed, over-committed, homeschooling mother of five children. I thought I had to do it ALL. My life was crazy and I was stressed most of the time.

For the past seven years I have purposely and intentionally made changes to the way I live. Now I truly enjoy an unhurried life.

With my twin daughters living at home for only one more year, I take every opportunity to enjoy our precious time together.

My husband of 35 years and I live a semi-country life in America’s Midwest. We have five children, two daughters-in-law, one granddaughter, and one grandson.

My purpose in sharing with you is to help you find a touch of peace in this crazy world. I hope I can share some hope and even a bit of loveliness. Life is too valuable to just speed through it.

I’m so glad you came to visit. So, come sit on my porch where the drinks are cold and the friendship is warm.

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