Debbie Spence

Hi, I’m Debbie Spence.

I began my writing career in 1972 when John Boy Walton scribbled in his Big Chief writing tablet. I was hooked and I have been writing ever since.

Junior High was a source of some of my darker work, but by high school, Miss Pearl plastered an A++ on my trilogy and I knew I had arrived. Well, maybe not.

Many years, five kids, 24 years of homeschooling, and three grandchildren later, I think I am finally arriving.

I’m a “better late than never” multiple award-winning author. I’ve also been blogging for over ten years. Check out my blogs on this website.

As a mom, grandma, and former educator, I love creating children’s books that are entertaining, encouraging, and that bring hope.

I’m also passionate about writing for and encouraging women.

I’m a hardcore Francophile and Italophile and my love of these countries lead me on a journey of discovery which inspired my upcoming book, Searching for Home.

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