Seven notes blown from trumpets changed my life in 1976. The Olympic theme, “Bugler’s Dream” written in 1958 by Leo Arnaud is the well-known opening theme heard for every Olympics since 1968. Through the years, many have watched the Olympics and dreamed of one day standing on that podium and hearing the national anthem being played for them as the gold medal is placed around their neck. I was one of those dreamers. I was going to do something, I was going to be somebody.

1976 was an emotional summer filled with patriotism and dreams of greatness. It was our nation’s bi-centennial. Nationalism had already stirred my soul and now as I watched the Montreal Olympics my desire to become great hit a fever pitch.

In El Paso, Texas that summer, the days were hot and temperatures usually hovered in the 90’s. Inspired, the heat had no effect on me and I began running. I lived on the side of a desert mountain and I ran up and down the steep roads determined to become great. “Bugler’s Dream” echoed in my mind.

When school resumed in the fall I joined the track team. As I ran around the school field sweating profusely, the song began to fade. Soon severe shin-splints ended my track career before it ever began. I never liked running anyway.

I was a sprinter. I loved freestyle and butterfly.

We had a pool in our backyard, so I began swimming. This time it stuck. A late bloomer in the sport of swimming, beginning my sophomore year, caused me many hardships, but I persisted. The trials that challenged me one day will fill a book, but for now, know that the new song that I consistently sung was the theme song from, “Rocky.” I was the underdog. I lacked respect and support, but I persisted.

My maiden name is Kaufmann. I never gave up.
I accomplished much in a short time.
I was not a freshman. I was a senior.

Eventually a college scholarship took me to Texas Tech University. My entire life had become all about swimming. It was not only what I did but it was my identity. (There’s another book) My junior year was my final year of competition. Along with three other girls, our relay qualified for nationals and we placed in the top eight and were awarded “All-American” status. An injury ended my swimming career.

I spent a season of searching. I felt lost. I was going to do something. I was going to be somebody, but I was no longer a swimmer.

I did eventually find my true identity. It wasn’t as a swimmer. I found my identity in Christ. That was thirty years ago. During those thirty years I still had the echoes of those desires birthed in 1976. I still longed to do something and now I longed to make a difference.

For the past 35 years I have been a wife, mother, homeschool teacher and involved in a countless number of other activities. My strong tendencies and character traits that attempt to do it all, didn’t go away when I left the pool. I continued to tackle each opportunity with the same fierceness I demonstrated as a swimmer.

As a homeschooling mother of five children I attempted to do it all. Our activities and commitments were numerous and my to-do list – never-ending. It’s difficult to condense 22 years of life and summarize the effect that my go-getter personality began to have on me and my family. I became stressed, unhappy and desperate for peace.

I am proud of my accomplishments as a swimmer. I believe in pursuing goals and giving your best effort toward all that you do, but there is a balance that needs to take place and at times, a re-evaluation of what success means, must take place.

This blog is about enjoying an unhurried life. Enjoying an unhurried life is a worthy goal and pursuit. A life that pursues genuine, vibrant living creates more fulfillment than striving to do something or trying to be somebody. I began to see that success was not always striving for greatness but instead resting and enjoying those around me. I found that it was a great accomplishment to do less. Meaning to life happens when we are able to choose rest over activity, relationship over impersonal technology and purpose outside of accomplishments.

I shared my story for a reason. As I share about an unhurried life, it may be easy to assume that it is my nature to live in a laid-back posture. I had to fight to do less almost as hard as I fought to become an All- American swimmer. I spent years unhappy, feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied. It took time to slow down and discover that an unhurried life is worth fighting for.

There are moments when we look at our lives and think, “What happened!? How did I get here!?” If you feel that way at all, I hope you’ll stick around. I still want to do something. I want to share ideas and insights with you that will help you find your own unhurried life. I still want to be somebody. I want to be someone who fights against our current crazy culture. I want to be your friend. I want to make a difference in your life.

The “Bugler’s Dream” still stirs my heart. I still enjoy the thrill of victory for every athlete that accomplishes their dream, but now my dream is the irreplaceable value of enjoying an unhurried life.




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  1. I love this for many reasons. First, I love it because I am a Texas girl, but most of all I love how you found your identity in Christ. That is so important because so much can be taken away from us, but our identity is eternally secure with Christ. I lead a middle school girls small group, and the importance of placing their identities in Christ is something I constantly try to drive home. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you Dawn. On a video I recently watched about the Philadelphia Eagles, the statement was made that these guys who are professional, Super Bowl winning athletes yet they said it was their platform not their purpose. I loved that. As writers building a platform we can forget our platform is not our purpose. Our identity has to be IN Christ.

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