Each of us has dreams, desires and goals. We may be currently working toward those goals and putting feet to our desires. Yet, there may still be dreams sitting on our selves that we take out to gaze at now and then.

I am a mom to five children. I chose to homeschool which demanded my full attention for 22 years and I set aside some of those dreams. Once in a while I’d think, “I’ll take a stab at that.” However, my busy life threw a bit of reality in my face and I set my dream back on the shelf.

Recently I read a blog written by a woman slightly older than me. Her question was, “Am I acting my age writing this blog and running my business?” I personally adore her blog about France. My parents spoiled me rotten by giving me her gift box of French goodies for Christmas and I secretly desire her house and business. I admire her work and never viewed her as too old for any of it.

Her question made me think about myself and my age as I begin my journey of pursuing my life-long writing dreams. I am no spring chick. (57) I am often challenged dealing with the technology I need to use to write, blog and create. I worry that my thoughts and ideas are no longer relevant and I even sometimes forget the right words to use when I’m writing. But my dreams are not dead.

When we’re young, we’re so afraid to wait. We think if we don’t act now we’ll miss the opportunity to fulfill our dreams. As we age, we fear that we did miss our opportunity. One thing I’d tell my younger self is that you made the right choice to focus on your family. That dream will still be in your heart later. Don’t fret.

What I want to remind myself and so many women like me is that dreams have no expiration date. You have much to offer and it’s not as late as you think. If life caused a delay in available time to pursue your dreams then so be it. Start now.

Age is irrelevant. If God placed a dream in your heart, you can start pursuing it at any time.


Age Didn’t Matter to Them

My step-mom returned to school and received a master’s degree in math at age 35. She opened her own accounting firm at age 37. At 50 she started her European adventure and spent 8 years boating on the canals of Europe. Recently she learned how to take communion to shut-in members of her church. Today is her first day and she’s 75.

My dear friend Joan was shocked when her husband died when they were in their 50s. But it was then that she became a missionary traveling to 16 nations later in life.

My sweet friend Jody is 82. When she was 65 she began serving our family. After the birth of my twins, she came once a week for 12 years to wash my laundry. She traveled to Ireland when she was 75. Visiting Ireland had been a lifelong dream. Jody has also visited 6 nations since turning 50 and has been to Israel ten times. Currently she is in charge of mailing her pastor’s monthly letter to 37 nations.

My friend and editor Sharon is a touch older than me. She is an author and has published 27 books. She began her career when she was finished teaching her own children. She too tackled the technology learning curve and has been enjoying a successful writing career for 12 years.

After homeschooling seven children, Connie entered nursing school. She received her bachelor’s degree in her 40’s. At 49 she purchased a bed and breakfast.


A Dream to Share with You

Today, I’m excited to share the realization of one of my dreams with you. One year ago, I started writing about simple pleasures. I wanted to write 365 pleasures. I ended up dividing them into seasonal pleasures starting with summer. I created eBooks to begin with.

Here I am one year later. I have a summer and autumn simple pleasures eBook, a website, a weekly blog and my Facebook group. I struggled with each step. I am a writer but all the rest was a constant learning curve. God blessed me with friends and daughters willing to help me or I’d still be pulling my hair out in front of my computer.

So, it is my great pleasure to introduce my first printed book, Spring Pleasures ~ 50 Simple Pleasures for Winter-weary Souls.

Not only am I excited for each of you to enjoy my book but I hope it also encourages you to keep pursuing your dreams, no matter your age.


My New Book

Now join me as I stir your hearts toward spring and open your eyes to the delights of the season.

The arrival of spring is one of the world’s great opening acts. There is nothing more longed for, desired or anticipated.

Join me as I take you on a tour of the delights of spring. Filled with spring-inspired pleasures, charming quotes and spring time tips, this colorful book, filled with photography, is for anyone who longs for the return of the robin.

Discover the charm and magic that is as near as a dandelion. Spring pleasures will revive your winter-weary soul and guide you to find joy in what really matters.

My book will be available on my website. Please be sure to get your copy. https://www.debbiespence.com/shop/

In addition to creating my book, I bravely set up two book signing opportunities. I would be extremely delighted if you came by to see me.

Saturday, March 17th at Horton’s Home and Garden ~ 112 S. Main St. Tipton, IN

Saturday, May 12th at Black Dog Books ~ 115 S Main St. Zionsville, IN


New Contest

CONTEST TIME!! – Subscribe and comment for your chance to win a copy of my new book. I will choose 3 winners. Contest begins today, March 6 and will end Friday March 23, 2018.


Contest Winner

I’m also excited to announce the winner of the “Beat the Blues” giveaway. Melinda Perry.

Thank you for being part of my journey as I pursue my dreams. I’d love to hear how you are pursuing yours. Comment here or join the Facebook group, The Breezy Porch.


Photos by: Anna Spence


5 Responses

  1. Debbie,
    I really enjoyed your blog about setting and achieving your goals. Goal setting is the best motivational force there is. At 83, I work on my goals everyday and that is what keeps me “young”. Enjoyed your comments about Judy very much and yes, she thoroughly enjoyed serving communion yesterday and we spent a lot of time talking about it last evening and this morning.

    You write a wonderful blog and we will be purchasing your new book. Love you.


    1. You are my constant source of motivation and are my positive example. You are the youngest 83 year old I’ve ever known. Love you!!!

  2. We women get to have it all–just not all at the same time! Thank you for acknowledging the seasons of life and for encouraging us, Debbie. Just because we’re old doesn’t mean we’re through!

    I love your work!!!

  3. Thanks Debbie for your encouragement.. I’m in a season where my children are in their late teens & above. I’ve been wondering what I should do especially since I’m in my late 50’s. Your thoughts inspired me. God has a plan for me at this stage….I just need to be open.
    Also, thanks for the “BEAT THE BLUES’ giveaway. I was shocked & excited!!!! I know I will enjoy it all.

    I’m enjoying all your writing.

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