Dream, Plan, Do

Use this time to prepare and when the government says, “Ready, Set, GO!,” we’ll all run out the door ready to turn our dreams into reality.

“Happy” Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! With these phrases we wish one another to be happy and merry. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. Happiness doesn’t just occur because the calendar announced the arrival of a holiday. We all just want to be happy and the experience of being merry would be icing on the cake. Here […]

Do it on Purpose

It’s not a cliché. Stop and smell the roses. “Walk with purpose!” Those are words I’ve said more than once to my kids. In the past, as they moseyed along. I was not a fan of sauntering, lollygagging or walking at a snail’s pace. I was about purpose an intentionality. I am a fan of […]

You’ll Always be Inadequate

We’re not good enough. No matter how hard we try, someone is sure to expect more. Why, oh why do we let the expectations of others make us feel inadequate? Recently I was talking to some friends. These friends shared how they can feel like they are not good enough even after performing above and […]

Homesick for Mayberry

Shazam! Sometimes I get downright homesick for Mayberry. Mayberry, the true star of the Andy Griffith show. The fictional hamlet that makes each viewer nostalgic for the town and life that lives in their hearts. Overly busy lives can cause us to dream of a time gone by, a time when neighbors stopped by for […]

“Beat the Blues” Contest

Beat those winter blues with my new giveaway!! To win you must be subscribed to this blog. Subscribe here! You must also be a member of The Breezy Porch Facebook group Join Here! Then once you are a part of our wonderful group, comment on any blog beginning Tuesday, January 30, 2018 until midnight EST […]

“Beat the Blues” GIVEAWAY

PRIZE TIME   “Beat the Blues” Give-Away Box   How do you beat the winter blues? With a “Beat the Blues” contest! I’m excited to share the contents of this box that is sure to chase those winter blues away. For this box some wonderful friends joined the fun. Charlene Dunning is the lovely lady […]

Dinner, Love and Service

“Woman, make me a sandwich!” Them is fightin words! Politics are not allowed on the porch. However, the comments by an aspiring Missouri senator about home cooked meals have pushed my pondering button. I dream of the dinner fairy. I wish she existed and visited my house every evening. To me cooking is a chore […]

Reasons Not to Hate Winter

At one time my theme song was, “I Hate Winter!” Oh wait, that was yesterday. Raise your hands; how many of you are just a little bit grumpy from all the ice, snow and sub-zero temperatures? Yeah, me too! Last night I returned from a ten-day trip. As I shared in last week’s post, the […]