“Woman, make me a sandwich!” Them is fightin words!

Politics are not allowed on the porch. However, the comments by an aspiring Missouri senator about home cooked meals have pushed my pondering button.

I dream of the dinner fairy. I wish she existed and visited my house every evening. To me cooking is a chore and at the end of the day I’m in no mood to cook for anyone. “How dare anyone predetermine that because I am a woman, I must cook dinner.” Now don’t get riled on either side of this fight too quickly before I expound.

The issue before us is not who should and should not make dinner. The issue is not if you are for or against traditional roles. The issue is, why should we do anything that we do?

I don’t believe in “always” fighting for my rights. (I’m not talking about human rights) I don’t believe in living life for MY sole pleasure and purpose. I believe in living to serve. I believe in living to show love to anyone I can. I believe in laying down my “rights” if I can bless others instead. Old fashioned? I think not.

When I choose to serve, no one is oppressing me. When I choose to love, I can be committed to the most mundane tasks. When I choose to accept that which I think is less than I deserve, I find peace.

Years ago, I read an excerpt from a 1950’s home economics book. At first, I was boiling mad that it was centered around having dinner ready for your husband and fixing yourself, the kids and the house up for his return home. What about me?!!

Over time I have learned that there is joy in caring for the needs of others. Over time I have tried to learn to set aside the “it’s all about me” mentality and do what I know brings someone else joy and satisfaction. Serving does not make me less of a person but a much greater person. Learning to love well doesn’t short-change my rights but instead I am the recipient of inner contentment.

Please hear me. I am not talking about women’s rights or the lack of them. What I see in our society today is too much “me-ism.” Not men, not women, but people need to consider others as much as if not more than we consider ourselves. There is a place to stand up against what is wrong, but our day to day lives would contain more peace and happiness if we were more giving.

Giving has served me well. I give when and where I can. I give of my time, talent and resources. I give when others don’t deserve what I give. I give time that I don’t have to spare, and I give ideas and all my creativity free of charge. I give my life to those I love and I even give it to people I don’t even know.

I have shucked corn in a basement with no power, sweating profusely. (I was helping a local ministry after the tornado hit trying to save their huge corn crop donation.) I served at a relief station I had no intention of creating. For two days I helped tornado victims as people brought donations to share. The weather was miserable as the table I had set up to feed my husband’s employees was taken over with donations. I had planned on heading out of town. Instead I stayed two days and was blessed beyond what I can express.

I have brought countless meals to those who needed the food and the fellowship. I have redecorated at least 10 homes for people who needed the help and had no money. (I was doing fixer-upper years before there was fixer-upper.) I have endlessly worked in groups, churches and organizations and never made a dime. Three children I never gave birth to have lived in my home. I have also made countless dinners for my husband and family because I love them. My list goes on and on as I am sure so does yours.

Why should we do what we do? What’s in it for me? I choose to serve and I choose to love and in return I don’t gain my rights, but I gain love, joy, fulfillment, contentment and inner peace.

Today I took a risk. My opening words may have ruffled some feathers. I may have stepped on your toes. I truly hope that no toes are smashed and all feathers are right where they should be. The discussion today was not about what others should and shouldn’t expect from us, instead it was about our response. We have a choice in how we respond. I hope you are inspired to respond with love. I desire to inspire you to choose love and service. I desire to challenge myself and others to exit the “me-ism” mode.

So, time to go make dinner.

I love paper plates. But I also like to bless my family when I can with a lovely table setting.
Hawaiian meatballs with fresh veggies.
Use your special plates. Use cloth napkins. It doesn’t take much to make others feel special.
This meal took very little prep. Just added shrimp and heat.


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9 Responses

  1. I found this article quite interesting! ! You have had special life events. Reading some of your thoughts remind me of your Mom!!! I enjoyed reading it! Today I sit in bed with two comforters trying to keep warm.. It’s 27° again in lovely Sunshine Florida!!! Winter is here!!

    1. Aunt Susie, saying I reminded you of my mom brought happy tears. She was an amazing woman and example. Stay warm!!

  2. Serving others is the way we become more loving and kind, and frees us from the grip of selfishness. Thank you for your insights!

  3. Cooking for my family and friends is definitely one of my love languages.! I am happy when I am in the kitchen! It is such powerful loving beautiful privilege to be able to cook healthy food for my family and make things beautiful and leasing to the eye!! What a joy joy joy!!!

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