We’re not good enough. No matter how hard we try, someone is sure to expect more. Why, oh why do we let the expectations of others make us feel inadequate?

Recently I was talking to some friends. These friends shared how they can feel like they are not good enough even after performing above and beyond the call of duty. I admire these women due to the effort they put forth. I’m sure my mouth was hanging open. One friend pointed to a group of moms and said, “Join the group. We all feel that way.” I was flabbergasted!

We’ve been hornswoggled! Too many of us believe, somehow, that we are not good enough. We believe that we’ve not done enough, we’ve not given enough and we’ve not achieved enough. ENOUGH! It is not true!

This past week I was watching the Olympics. I was enjoying Shaun White in his quest to win gold. The sports commentator made a remark that completely shocked and irked me to no end. He basically stated that Shaun White needed to win gold to prove that the other two previous gold medals were not flukes. FLUKES!?

Shaun White has won 3 gold medals in 3 separate Olympic games. He has qualified for four. He holds the record for the most X-Games gold medals, the most gold medals by a snowboarder and has won 10 ESPY Awards. His first X-Game award was in 2003. Shaun has been on top in his sport for the past fifteen years. Yes, he did miss the podium at the last Olympics, SO WHAT! WHEN are we finally good enough?

What is wrong with our thinking? When was a gold medal at the Olympics the determining criteria for worthiness? I am shocked and dismayed that the only athletes worthy enough to be noticed at the Olympics are those who win gold. As a past collegiate athlete, I am amazed and impressed with every person who attends the Olympics. These are all people who are world ranked and completely devoted to their sport. Their best, although not gold medal worthy, is worthy enough.

I am angry. I am angry that we have been duped. Somewhere, somehow, we allowed someone to convince us that our worth depended on our performance. And in believing that lie, our lives got crazy.

I am no longer talking about the athlete. I’m talking about the everyday Joe. I’m talking about the mom who runs around like a crazy person. One of the reasons our schedules got hijacked was that in the effort to justify our worthiness we filled our lives and calendars with countless activities for us and our families. An unhurried life is an impossible dream while we fight inadequacy with activity.

Have you ever had a moment to slow down long enough to ask yourself if any of your busyness in life is due to avoiding inadequacy? Are you trying to overcome the voice of a parent you thought you could never please? Are you filling a void due to unfulfilled accomplishments? Do you believe that you will feel self-worth by accomplishing?

At times we can all feel the pang of failure to live up to the expectations of ourselves and others. It sometimes takes a revelation to be set free from the “earning” trap. We try to earn respect. We try to earn love and acceptance and we try to earn success.

I believe that there are a number of activities on our to-do lists that are there because of the “earning” trap.  I spent years victim to this mentality. An unhurried life, relaxing down time and unstructured time was of no value. It was not working toward something. It did not earn me the justification I sought. It did not seem like a path to adequacy. I was wrong.

You are worthy! You are enough! Nothing you do and no achievement makes you more worthwhile. We are not worth more because we try again and again to please others. We are not worth more because we filled every waking moment with activity, and left no time to enjoy an unhurried moment, a moment that earned you nothing. We are not worth more because of our success or worth less because of our lack of success.

Think about all that you do. Do you do any of it chasing adequacy? If so, maybe it’s time for the revelation that you are enough. Instead of chasing approval, chase some peace and quiet. Instead of looking for acceptance, look for contentment. Instead of looking for that which will fill the void, be still and let God, the void filler, do it for you.

I have a good idea that you are an awesome person. My hunch is that you are self-sacrificing, sometimes to the point of self-harm. You most likely are trying to be the best parent, child and friend to those around you. Chances are good that those around you do not recognize how much you actually do.

My friend, you will never earn it. You will spend your life chasing it. You will lose time, peace and contentment seeking it. So, STOP! You will always be inadequate to someone else. Others will always want more. “They” will never be satisfied with what you give.

Don’t do one more thing to “earn.” You can’t earn it so stop trying. You ARE enough. You don’t have to accomplish to have value. So slow down. Enjoy a little unhurried time. It accomplishes a great deal more than you realize.


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  1. I love the items you choose…healthy, helpful, delightful…thank you for the opportunity to maybe win something wonderful:)

  2. This. Yes, this. I needed your article on being enough. I realized once again on Monday how being a constant ‘people pleaser’ only causes me trouble as well as inconvenience to others, sometimes. Thanks so much!! You say it so well.

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