We’re all stuck at home.

Here in the Midwest it is still cold and cloudy. It’s not the best recipe for a good mood or happy frame of mind. I confess, I’ve been down in the dumps.

In case you too are needing a little lift, I decided to post images of my favorite things. I hope that they not only help you dream, but I also hope they help you begin to make plans and take actions.

We won’t always be on a “time-out.” Prepare now for what you want later.

Plan your dream vacation.

Our trip to Europe took a lot of time to plan. I spent hours, days and weeks researching and studying. While you’re stuck inside, it’s a great time to begin planning on getting as far away from your house as you’re able.

Enjoy a Hobby

Giverny and its creator Claude Monet inspired me to create in my flowerbeds and to pick up a paint brush. We tend to complain that we never have time to pursue our hobbies or hidden talents. Now is the perfect time.

Explore New Ways of Cooking

We all watch shows like “Chopped” and dream of being a chef. Pull out Julia Child’s cookbook or search the internet for Indian, Mediterranean, Italian or Korean recipes.

Read something that creates dreams

Reading “Under the Tuscan Sun,” birthed a dream of visiting Tuscany. It inspired me to create and decorate my back patio so as to accommodate alfresco feasts like Frances Mayes. Read something causes you to dream, then do something to make that dream come true.

Read Aloud

I truly believe that reading aloud is the best activity to enjoy with your children. Use this time to read, read and read some more.

Get Ready to Plant

Order seeds and planting supplies online and prepare now for a summer harvest.

Have a Tea Party

Host a tea party for the other inmates of your home or just use the lovely dishes you save and keep locked away in your china cabinet for yourself.

Connect with Friends

Send notes or card to encourage other friends who are also home suffering alone.

Plan an Adventure

After this period of time being shut in our homes, we’re all going to need an adventure. Decide now what State Park nearest you will be a great hiking destination. The minute it is warm, my kayak and I are heading to the nearest body of water. Dream up an adventure, plan it then do it!

Use this time to prepare and when the government says, “Ready, Set, GO!,” we’ll all run out the door ready to turn our dreams into reality.

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  1. I truly enjoyed your Post. Loved the pictures and comments. Great ideas. I am so proud of you.

    An anonymous friend (Dad).

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