Check Your Seed Packet

It was a cruel April Fool’s joke indeed. It was snowing. It hadn’t been forecasted, yet there it was, falling from the sky like enemy bombs. If you know me at all, you are aware that I am desperate for spring and certainly not a fan of six inches of snow on Easter day. I […]

Do it on Purpose

It’s not a cliché. Stop and smell the roses. “Walk with purpose!” Those are words I’ve said more than once to my kids. In the past, as they moseyed along. I was not a fan of sauntering, lollygagging or walking at a snail’s pace. I was about purpose an intentionality. I am a fan of […]

You’ll Always be Inadequate

We’re not good enough. No matter how hard we try, someone is sure to expect more. Why, oh why do we let the expectations of others make us feel inadequate? Recently I was talking to some friends. These friends shared how they can feel like they are not good enough even after performing above and […]