It was a cruel April Fool’s joke indeed. It was snowing. It hadn’t been forecasted, yet there it was, falling from the sky like enemy bombs. If you know me at all, you are aware that I am desperate for spring and certainly not a fan of six inches of snow on Easter day. I am longing for green on the ground and blue in the sky.

This morning I looked out upon a beautiful white landscape. The wet spring snow clung to every branch and twig. It was not what I wanted to see but still it was lovely, and there, precariously peeking through the clumps of snow were my daffodils. They were doing their best to show the snow who was boss.

I can’t recall when I planted my daffodils and tulips. I just know that they were at one time planted and now each spring I await their arrival. I love perennials, you plant them once and they reemerge each year on cue. Today, they are giving me hope. Today they are reminding me that I have planted many seeds that I don’t remember and they too will sprout and bloom.

Life is one big garden. Our actions, thoughts and behaviors are our seeds. The results of these actions, thoughts and behaviors are our harvest. Sometimes I forget this. Every now and then, I need a reminder. We should all regularly consider what type of seeds we are planting. Far too often we hope and pray for an outcome all the while we plant the seeds that will give us the exact opposite result we desire.

I do realize that other factors effect our garden. Weeds are blown in by the wind and the weather can adversely affect the seeds we have sown, but too many times the lack of harvest is due to the lack of sowing seeds or sowing the wrong kind. We also cannot forget to tend our garden. Weeds are always popping up and little critters like to chew on young plants. Our garden needs tending.

When discussing an unhurried life, this analogy is fitting. Too many of us feel like our lives are too busy and even out of control. Our crazy lives didn’t just happen, they grew that way one seed at a time.

It might be time to start thinning your plants. A garden crammed full of plants is not a healthy garden. The plants vie for sunlight, food and water. The gardener needs to thin out the plants that grew from seeds we didn’t mean to plant so the good seeds can become healthy, vibrant plants.

I am reminded when things get a bit crazy that I am in charge of the calendar and that one the first words I probably learned to say was, “NO!” My sister has often reminded me that, “No, is a complete sentence.”

This spring is a perfect time to plant the right seeds in your garden. If you want a leisurely summer with a focus on home, plant seeds now to accomplish that. Moms, don’t sign your kids up for every summer camp and activity. Ladies, think about what you can do now to have the type of summer you desire.

If you have business dreams, set goals and start planting seeds. If you have travel dreams, start taking steps now so you can travel later. If you want more down time, plant seeds that will give you that much needed time. It doesn’t just happen. 99% of the time the only plants that grow that weren’t sown are weeds. However, there are also those plants that God creates without any seed on our part. For the most part though, life is governed by the principle of sowing and reaping.

I’ve been in dumps lately. I’m done with feeling down. I’m going to start planting seeds. I’m going to start by making a list of the areas that need some change. Then just like I did when my kids were young, I’ll make a mental or even physical jar for each area where I want to see change. Each day I’ll be sure I am doing something, even if it’s only one little thing, to plant a seed in that area of my life. When I do, I’ll plop a seed into a jar. As the seeds in my jar accumulate, I’m certain to see results.

I’m so very thankful that even an unexpected snow can not deter the process of the seed. The bulbs hidden from sight, will produce its plant even when winter tries to rally its troops. The seed will always win.

We can all have different looking harvests, if we start sowing different seeds.

Since one of the main reasons I write is to encourage others, I hope you’ll comment and share how you plan on sowing this spring. 


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8 Responses

  1. I love this article! The picture of thinning out was a great visual for me! Good perspective on living simply! Although in my physical garden I’ve thinned plants to far before and then they didn’t grow!! Iris like a buddy!! Balance everything needs balance!
    This spring was the first time I have ever just planted seeds in the ground! I was shocked when they actually came up! Hold on spring is a comin!!

  2. I love how you explain this. I plan on sowing this spring by saying no more. I’ve learned it’s okay to say no. People will still like you!

  3. Debbie I enjoy your post so very much. the pictures are so lovely and I think they speak so much of the glory of our God. planting seeds is a great though and to bring in the harvest from the planting your words were great and doing them will bring about the glory of God in all of us. Jody

  4. Good analogy, and nice reminder about how important our thoughts & words are.
    Also, very encouraging to examine how much we allow on our plate.

    Thanks Debbie!

    1. Thank you Melinda! My generation was taught to clean our plates. So now I take much smaller servings and I don’t stress about getting it all done. I finally got tired of saying my plate was full. Now I just like to take heaping servings of dessert. That’s all my analogies for today.

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