How Well Do You Love?

When Westley declared his love to Buttercup it was with three simple words, “As you wish.” In a few days we will be in the month of love. Valentines is just around the corner and soon store shelves will be filled with chocolates and the floral industry will be cranking out the roses. Many purchase […]

Look Back

And so, 2018 comes to a close. As you look back and review this past year are you shocked? Did it turn out like you had planned? Was it full of surprises? So much can occur in just 12 months. It is important to take the time to review your past year. What did you […]

Jammies Required

The weather outside is frightful so invite some friends over and have a delightful time. You won’t need an ugly sweater for this get together but some footy pajamas might be required. It’s Christmas party time and last week I had the most comfortable party ever. We all came in jammies. I love girlfriend time […]

Find Christmas Magic

Without a pilgrim in sight, it felt like Thanksgiving. Last week our family broke with tradition and headed to Florida for Thanksgiving. We drove 14 hours south to join my husband who has been working in Panama City for the past two months. We stayed in a lovely rental home with a calm beach décor. […]

“Happy” Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! With these phrases we wish one another to be happy and merry. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. Happiness doesn’t just occur because the calendar announced the arrival of a holiday. We all just want to be happy and the experience of being merry would be icing on the cake. Here […]

Where’s Your Home?

6000 homes and businesses have been destroyed by fire in California. Yet uncounted homes and businesses have been flattened by Hurricane Michael. Homes, hearts and lives torn apart. My husband deals with the aftermath of damage to homes. For the past fifteen years he has owned a fire and water restoration company. For the past […]

Holiday Forecast

The Indiana temperature is showing no hint that autumn has arrived. Yesterday. I thought I’d die in the hot, humid heat as I wandered around The Feast of the Hunter’s Moon. The Feast is a historical reenactment in its 51st year in Lafayette Indiana. It was a scorcher. However, the forecast has a big change […]

May Day is a Must!

May 1st is May Day. It is an ancient spring festival that has been adapted and altered by past generations, and nations. In early America, baskets were filled with flowers and left on someone’s doorstep. The secret giver would ring the bell and run, leaving behind a bouquet and joy. One of the easiest ways […]

Simple, Yet Extraordinary Gift Ideas

It’s 4:00 and once again I have nothing planned for dinner. We eat dinner every single night but somehow, every night I’m caught off guard and have nothing planned and nothing defrosted. Where’s the Dinner Fairy when you need her? My 83-year-old father still works full time. He and my step-mom run their own real […]

Create a Holiday Battle Plan

As we flip our calendar from October to November we enter… (cue ominous music – dun, dun, DUN!) The Holiday Zone! The two months that lie ahead of us are not only the most wonderful time of the year, they are also the two craziest months of the year. November and December remind me of […]