When Westley declared his love to Buttercup it was with three simple words, “As you wish.”

In a few days we will be in the month of love. Valentines is just around the corner and soon store shelves will be filled with chocolates and the floral industry will be cranking out the roses. Many purchase these items feeling that it’s a great way to declare their love, Then there are those who have renamed Valentine’s Day, Single Awareness Day.

Love can be shown weather you are in a relationship or not. Love can be shown in more ways than a box of chocolates and a bunch of roses. I propose that we declare February the month of love and determine to show all those near to us how much we love them.

Princess Bride’s Westley, knew that true love was unselfish. His answer to his love’s requests were, as you wish. Love is not selfish. As you think about those you love, think about what they would wish. How do they receive love? What is important to them?

A lot of women would love roses, but something they may even like more is a week away from the stove and the sink. Show someone you love them by making dinner or washing dishes. Lighten their load.

Show that you are thinking of your loved one while you are apart. Send a sweet text. Purchase a small trinket that reminds you of them. Do something to let them know you were thinking of them while apart.

Put that phone down. The perfect way to show anyone that you love them is by paying attention to that person. Be engaged in the conversation. Show them that they are more important than that text or social media update.

Snuggling is the best way to say I love you. It’s winter. Get a fluffy blanket and snuggle, while chatting, watching TV or just watching the snow fall.

Sister love

We all need an encouraging word. We need to be noticed and we need to know that someone has seen our hard work. Find ways to give words of affirmation and fill the hearer up with love.

As you wish, is a great policy when it comes to movie night and date destinations. Let your loved one choose. Super heroes may not be your cup of tea but how many chick flicks has your honey watched for you? Your children’s taste in movies may not match your own and I’m sure Chuck E Cheese is not your favorite dining establishment but when they make a suggestion, say, “As you wish.”

Remembering shows love. Remember their favorite flower. Remember their favorite food, drink, movie or store. Show them that you remember what they care about.

A great way to show love is to offer a great escape. Life can be busy and monotonous, find a way to offer them an escape. Babysit for a young mom. Find an outing in a nearby town. Plan a trip to a museum or sporting event.  Send them to bed with a book they’ve been wanting to read, lock the door and leave them alone. How would they like to escape?

Flowers on February 14th are nice but make the entire month of February a month of love for all those dear to you. Don’t show love the easiest way for you but as they wish.

Our family has been enjoying warmer weather this winter. My husband has been doing hurricane recovery work in Florida’s panhandle and we all came to join him. This week’s photos are all from our time here in Florida. I hope you are all staying warm.

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  1. I love this so much! You are so right! Everyone feels and receives love differently. My family feel loved when I cook for them! You have inspired me to make them a Valentines feast this month!❤️

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