The weather outside is frightful so invite some friends over and have a delightful time.

You won’t need an ugly sweater for this get together but some footy pajamas might be required. It’s Christmas party time and last week I had the most comfortable party ever. We all came in jammies.

My friend Sally looked adorable in her monkey sock footy pajamas.

I love girlfriend time and with my own girls’ busy schedule I don’t always have time for girl time for me. To remedy that situation I invited two of my friends over. One brought her daughter and my two daughters came as well. The only requirement – wear your PJs.

In case you need a little Christmas party inspiration, today’s post is my simple instructions on how to host a Christmas pajama party.

I decided to keep the food simple. Too often I can become very extravagant in my plans and then my simple get-together becomes a chore. I made super nachos, offered store bought cheesecake and a can of popcorn. My goal was to enjoy time with my friends, not wear myself out preparing everything from scratch.

I also set up a hot drink table with plenty of hot water, cocoa and tea.

Be sure to provide a pile of fluffy blankets so everyone can be cozy.

Super Nachos

In a 9 x 13 casserole dish, spread a large can of refried beans

Brown a pound and a half of ground beef. (Optional – add chorizo)

Spread cooked ground beef over the refried beans and pour a jar of salsa evenly over the meat.

Cover with shredded cheddar cheese.

Bake at 350 degrees until bubbly.

Serve with tortilla chips, sour cream, guacamole, black olives and additional salsa.

Serve yourself a giant scoop with a handful of chips and enjoy.

Pajama Game

We only played one game but it kept us entertained and laughing all night so we kept at it for the entire evening.

Here’s my twist on a gift exchange. I provided all of the gifts. I had quite a few small gift items on hand so I used those. I had gifts such as Christmas soaps, Christmas pot holders, recipe keepers, journals and note pads. I ran out of time to wrap them but it turned out to be better that way.

We started with one gift on the table. Once someone won that gift, another one was set on the table. Each person rolled one dice trying to win the gift. Each number on the dice determined what you got or had to do.

#1 – Take the gift

#2 – Pass your gift to the left

#3 – Take a gift from someone else

#4 – Pick a card

#5 – Tell the truth

#6 – Put your gift in the center of the table. Each person rolls 2 dice. Whoever rolls doubles gets the gift. You keep rolling until someone rolls doubles.

Everyone loved the Christmas soaps.

Here are some of the items written on the cards. You can also create your own.

  1. Spread some Christmas cheer. Stand and sing loud for all to hear. Belt out your favorite Christmas song.
  2. Give your best impression of Santa Claus.
  3. Skip around the room cracking your imaginary whip and call all your reindeer by name.
  4. Do your best acting job of how you would react if you found a Ferrari in your driveway Christmas morning.
  5. Sing the 12 days of Christmas from 12 down to one.
  6. Sing White Christmas in your best Bing Crosby voice.
  7. Grab someone and sing “Sisters” from White Christmas.
  8. Do your best Scrooge, “Bah Humbug!” impression.
  9. Sit on the person’s lap to the left of you and tell them what you want for Christmas.
  10. Do a Christmas jig.

You can create your own cards to suit your group of friends.

Yep, it’s me cracking my whip and naming the reindeer.
Mom and daughter doing their best “Sisters” song.
Laura giving “Santa” her wish list.

To tell the truth, revealed the stories behind moms’ first kisses and we found out about daughters’ current crushes.

Be sure to relax this season and revert to the good-old-days. Grab some girlfriends and have a pajama party.


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