The biting wind and threatening sky did little to convince me it was spring. “They” predicted nine inches of snow. Fortunately, “They” were wrong. The storm slipped south and not one flake fell at my house. Sorry Indianapolis!

Spring has arrived, although the calendar forgot to inform the weather. Here in America’s Midwest it is still winter around the edges. This coming Sunday is Easter and it looks like we’ll be hunting eggs again in our fur parkas. Don’t fret, if you live in a region winter has not yet left, I have some inspiration for you that will help you forget all about the ice crystals on your daffodils.

I’ve had spring on the brain since Christmas. I was writing my new book, Spring Pleasures – 50 Simple Pleasures for Winter-weary Souls. Writing, editing, re-writing and editing some more, kept my full attention on the pleasures of spring. Imagine my surprise after hours of writing about flying kites, planting gardens, spring cleaning and garden fairies, to look out my window and find that spring was a no-show. So, to alleviate my distress, I’ve decided to delight in some indoor activities.

Brew It

“’I don’t feel very much like Pooh today’ said Pooh. ‘There, there,’ said Piglet. ‘I’ll bring you tea and honey until you do.’” I’ve always seen tea as much more than a beverage. It is a comforting friend that inspires fellowship. Whereas coffee conjures images of a solitary drinker nestled in the corner of a chic coffee shop engaged fully in their favorite electronic device, tea is all about parties. Tea is about table cloths and tea pots, sugar cubes and honey pots.

One of our favorite tea parties.

Invite a friend for tea, or create a party for your favorite pint-sized people. A tea party encourages a slower pace. It gives you an opportunity to sit and chat. I love the word chat. To chat is to talk in a friendly and informal way. When you’re chatting, there is no schedule, there is no to-do list and no where to hurry off to. Drink some tea and chat.

Easter is the perfect time to pull out my bunny set.

If you’ve decided a tea party is the perfect “spring time, winter’s not gone yet” diversion, have fun with it. If your guests are all under four feet tall, pull out the hats and gaudy jewelry. Create a party that will create memories.

I adore blue and white.

Five years ago, on a snowy spring day I hosted a tea party for my girls and one of their friends. My older sons never wanted to be left out, but it was not tea they were after. Treats were the objects of their desires. I informed them that they could come but they had to wear a hat and a tie. I will never forget the image of my then teen son wearing a massive mad hatter hat, muscle shirt and long tie, tied into a bow sipping tea with his pinky out.

Tea time is your time to enjoy some much-needed fellowship or it is also a time to introduce this next generation to the joys of tea parties.

Meet Peter

Thanks to Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures, a new generation has the opportunity to fall in love with Peter Rabbit. The newly released, Peter Rabbit, is delightful. I’ve seen it twice at the theatre and I’ll boldly confess, I cried. I literally cried from cuteness.

For years I have been a fan of anything Beatrix Potter. She has inspired me in countless areas of life and I feel connected to her and her beloved Lake District. Some day I’ll get there and when I do, somehow, I’ll try to bring you along.

If you have children, take them to the movie. If you have grandchildren, take them to the movie. If you have no one to take, GO SEE THE MOVIE!

The movie is not merely a “waiting for warmer weather” diversion, it is sweet, fun and dream inspiring. I know it sounds silly, but I want to live in that movie. I want Bea’s cottage and her glass art studio. I want to live in that idyllic countryside and Mr. McGregor’s garden is to die for.

Bunnies are one of nature’s most adorable symbols. Meet or reintroduce yourself to one of literature’s great characters, Peter Rabbit and enjoy all things Potter.

I buy Peter Rabbit dishware whenever I find it.


In my past busy life, I confess, holidays were inconvenient events that broke my flow of productivity. Christmas always got my full attention but in my overwhelmed state, other holidays just seemed like a bother.

Easter has always been special because our family focuses on what Christ did for us by dying for our sins and then overcoming death and hell with His resurrection. This is the foundation of our faith and I’ve always been thankful for a day to really focus on what I believe, and how grateful I am for what Jesus did for me.

At Easter time Jesus was never forgotten but many times I skipped the celebration. Celebrating with your family usually involves food, and for years, in my overwhelmed state, I didn’t cook anything special and dying eggs was one more task that I didn’t feel I had time for.

Last year my girls (then 16) invited a few friends over to dye and hide eggs during the Easter season. They had so much fun and even now there is still a pang of guilt that we skipped this delight for many years. I felt bad that they finally had to initiate this activity on their own. We then hid the same eggs again for my granddaughter. Unfortunately, she got some of the dye on her lovely Easter dress, but she had so much fun and I’ll always remember her delight.

The girls’ eggs.

Choose to celebrate. If you’re at all like I was, and life just feels like one big “To-Do” list, celebrate anyway. Find the traditions that are meaningful to you and your family and keep them alive. Dye eggs. Fill baskets with meaningful Easter themed keepsakes. Prepare a special dinner. Your meal need not be burdensome to prepare, but find a way to make it special. Use your china that is gathering dust in your cupboard. Iron that lovely table cloth hidden in the closet. Gather your loved ones around the table.

We sometimes forget to celebrate. Life should be joyful. We need opportunities to escape the mundane and acknowledge events, accomplishments and people.

My girls love to repeat a scene from Gilligan’s Island. Mrs. Howell is going through some jewelry and picks up a lovely bracelet and gushes to Mr. Howell, “Oh remember this bracelet, you gave it to me on December 11th.” Gilligan asks, “What’s so special about December 11th?” Mr. Howell replies, “Well, it only comes once a year so we like to celebrate it, you know little party hats and things.”

I like Mr. Howell’s attitude. Every day is worth celebrating.

I wish all of you a wonderful Easter and I do hope you take time for a tea party. Head to the theatre to see Peter Rabbit and celebrate.


Thank you to all of you who stopped by my table at my recent book signings. Thank you, Horton’s and Debbie Casteel, for allowing me to be a part of your spring celebrations.

WE HAVE A WINNER! I do so wish I could send each of you a basket full of spring but I do have one special lady who won my spring giveaway. Lindsey Ehman from Tipton, IN. When I called Lindsey, she let me know she was in Kokomo shopping and having lunch with a friend. I’m so glad I was able to meet her at Chilis and bring her prize.

WE HAVE ANOTHER WINNER! Thank you to all of you who left comments on my previous posts. The winner of Spring Pleasures – 50 Simple Pleasures for Winter-weary Souls is Linita Chung from Houston, TX. I’m not driving to Houston, so it will be in the mail soon. Enjoy your book!

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