Christmas Eve blessed our home with a fresh blanket of snow.

The wrapping paper is no longer tied up with festive bows, but now lays in rumpled piles on the floor. The anticipation has been replaced with delight and our tummies are bulging with Christmas treats. The Christmas season is drawing to a close and we reluctantly leave this festive and warm time and head toward a new year.

My birthday is January 2, so each new year is also a new year for me. After the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, another year drops for me. In less than a week I’ll be 57. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!

The new year and our birthdays, when ever they happen to be, are times of reflection and planning. I like that the end of one year coincides with the end of my year. It’s a great time to think about what I want the next year to look like.

I’ve have so many ideas I’m cooking up.

I’m nearing 60 and I’ll be honest, it doesn’t thrill me, but it does encourage me to pursue the life I desire. As I think about my dreams and goals, I’m very aware that a plan is in order. I’ve never been one to set New Year resolutions. Instead I think about goals and the steps I need to take to arrive at my desired destination before another year passes by.

I encourage you to join me in setting some personal goals for 2018. Instead of setting a resolution, which can easily be broken, set a goal. If you desire better health, determine the steps needed to arrive at your goal. It’s not about throwing the whole plan out the window when you fall off the wagon half way through January, it’s about setting a plan that is do-able and starting off slow and steady and increasing as you go.

Too often we start of like we’re running a sprint, but our goals need to be approached as a marathon. In that way you won’t become easily discouraged.

Before the New Year arrives, think about what you want your year to look like. Consider the areas of health, career, personal time and relationships and that includes your relationship with God. If you don’t have time before the 31st, don’t forget about it. Do it at your earliest convenience. We should always have a direction we are heading and a plan we’re working toward. However, always remember that God might have a different plan than ours.

I enjoyed the Fezziwig Ball in my Mrs. Fezziwig gown.

Our family had a wonderful holiday season. We spent time with those we love, enjoyed our Fezziwig Ball and even had snow fall on Christmas Eve for a white Christmas. As my year comes to a close I want to let each of you know how much it means to me that you have subscribed to my blog.

My entire family at the Fezziwig Ball.

The Breezy Porch is the result of the desires I pursued this past year. I hope you will continue to join me on The Breezy Porch and leave me comments and let me know what helps you or what you’d like to read about. I have big goals this year and I’m so excited that you are going to be a part of it all.

The Cozy Christmas Box found a home for Christmas. I loved creating it and hearing from 88 of you. Each and every comment was a delight! I plan on many more surprises for my readers!

A Christmas Day stroll.

I truly wish that I could announce each and every name that so graciously left a comment. Each of your comments were so encouraging and I consider each one a Christmas gift. I hope you will continue leaving me comments and letting me know what you think about each post. I love your feedback.

After receiving 88 entries, one name was drawn. Nicole Harrah is our winner. I was excited when I found out that our winner lived locally. It gave me the opportunity to take the Cozy Christmas Box to her personally and surprise her. She was thrilled as she told me that she had never won anything before.

I enjoyed taking the Cozy Christmas Box to Nicole.

Your name may not have been the winner this time but there’s still more to come. I’m working on a new contest with very special items. I will reveal it very soon.

Emily enjoying the winter wonderland.

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what some of your dreams and goals are for the new year. Let’s work toward them together. I’d love to encourage you as we all embrace 2018 with hope and enthusiasm.

Happy New Year Dear Friends!

My girls who help so much with this blog. Anna is my photographer and Emily is my model. Thank you girls!



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  1. Debbie,
    I am a fairly new subscriber to your blog. It is refreshing and I believe we share life values. My goal is to approach each day with more faith and less anxiety, realizing that God is in control. Birthday blessings to you on Jan. 2! My mom will be 93 on Jan. 13. Happy New Year~

  2. Love the encouragement you give to those who desire to do better with their health and wellness. It is a good thing to grab hold of the side of the wagon, hanging on for dear life, while climbing back on board rather than letting go and falling to the ground to be left behind.

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