I looked like a drowned rat, sloshing through the wet streets of Venice in squeaky shoes. I started the day feeling chic and ready for shopping, but the thunder that had threatened during the morning finally gave way to a steady rain that accompanied us all day long as we played dueling umbrellas with other soggy shoppers.

Venice was not originally on our itinerary, as I had always seen Venice as a dark gloomy place. I wasn’t interested in visiting, but we needed a stop over between Rome and Austria. We added Venice to our list of destinations and I’m so very glad we did.

Venice is a bright and colorful city. I’m sure there are dark narrow paths winding within its maze of streets, but I wandered throughout the city and found nothing but wide, shop filled streets, arching bridges and lively colored frescos. The one place I didn’t desire to visit, quickly became one of our favorite stops.

Venice is known for its aquatic streets and Venetian masks. Our apartment, with windows opening to the Grand Canal gave us front row seats to the vibrancy of this city. Boat buses zoomed past our windows continuously and boats loaded with supplies and goods motored by our windows throughout the day. We never saw gondolas on The Grand Canal. They must use the less busy, romantic canals for their soothing jaunts. In the future, we would not choose to stay on The Grand Canal. It was fun to watch, but far too busy.

The view from our vacation rental.

Venice is a magical destination, unlike any other city. The total absence of vehicles on the cobblestone streets takes you to another time. Water canals at every turn create a labyrinth where you could easily become lost. I didn’t even mind if I became lost as we wove in and out of delightful shops. I didn’t leave a trail of breadcrumbs but in the end, it didn’t matter, we just hopped on a boat bus and were handily dropped off at the bridge closest to our apartment.

It was a shame that we only allotted one full day to spend in Venice. It was the one rainy day sandwiched between two gloriously sunny days. The sun is Venice’s greatest advocate. It shines on the colorful walls and they practically sing in shades of rose, coral and vibrant yellow. We said goodbye to Venice, and she waved back sending us off in a flurry of color.

“A realist in Venice would become a romantic by mere faithfulness to what he saw before him.”  Arthur Symons

And the Winners are:

Just in time for Christmas I have winners to announce.

Thank you to all of you for entering to win the treats that I brought home from Europe. It means a great deal to me to share these with you.

Our Winners are:

Anita Otto won the cookbook – “How to Cook French Pastry”

Laura Sharp won the book, “A Year in Provence”

Nicole Okie won the lavender sachet

Bobbi Jasay won the French Macarons

Jeanne Doyon won the French chocolate

Kathleen Black won the Swiss chocolate

I will contact each winner by email for your address.

The 12 Moms of Christmas

My friends Michelle Medlock-Adams and Bethany Jett co-authors of “They Call Me Mom” will be hosting the 12 Moms of Christmas. Be sure to Join us here to watch live or catch the replay: They Call Me Mom (group). You can also check everything out at MichelleAndBethany.com.

Michelle and Bethany’s book is encouraging and fun with plenty of “I can relate” moments.

I’m honored to be one of the 12 moms. Be encouraged this season and join the group.

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