Margie was devastated. A vivacious cheerleader, her daughter was not the type of person usually targeted by bullies. However, an ex-boyfriend who turned her friends against her daughter left Margie fearing for her daughter’s life.

Bullies are much too common these days. They exist in schools, in the workplace and unfortunately, even in the home. Margie’s journey helping her daughter to recover from the destruction of cruelty stirred something inside her. She chose to take on bullies. From her heartache she chose to inspire.

Dare to Inspire, was born from the sorrow of a mother’s heart who was determined to make a difference. Margie began speaking at schools. As a gymnastic coach she trained her athletes to be the best in their sport and the best in making a difference. Together, she and her team dared to inspire others to choose kindness and inspiration over meanness and nastiness. Because of Margie’s efforts lives were saved and students were inspired.

We all possess the ability to inspire. Yet, the world has left many of us groping for someone, something, anything to inspire us. In spite of voices in our lives that encourage us to pursue our dreams or feel positive about ourselves, there always seems to be a louder voice tossing out disparaging remarks. That obnoxious voice says things like you’re not talented enough, you’re not smart enough, you don’t know enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not skinny enough, and on and on. Enough!

You are more than enough! The gifts and talents that God has given you are gifts you have been given to share with others. The best way to drown out the negative voice, the lying voice is to take what you have to offer and share it with others.

Yes, you need to pursue your dreams, fine tune your talents and develop your skills but in the midst of accomplishing your goals, dare to inspire. Dare to think of others when you feel low. Dare to think of others when you don’t feel like you’ve arrived yet at your own goals. Dare to share with others even when you question the greatness of what you have to share. Share anyway.

We have the ability to inspire others at all times. We inspire others even when we’re unaware it’s occurring. In our journey through life, it should not always be about reaching our own goals, but how can we share with and encourage others along the way.

Breezy Brookshire is a talented artist. I found her work on a website for children’s writers and illustrators. Her artwork is delightful. She draws the type of images that elicit reactions that occur when faced with overwhelming adorableness.

Breezy Brookshire

Breezy had no idea that I discovered her work, checked out her website and was inspired in my parenting choices because of her. Her mother Robin and sister Emily Rose also had no idea I existed, never mind that they had all inspired me.

Breezy and my girls

Robin Brookshire homeschooled her two daughters and encouraged them in developing and pursuing their individual talents. As teenagers the girls created paper-doll books and sold thousands of them. Robin created embroidery kits and recipes, Breezy illustrated and Emily Rose took beautiful photos and handled web design and the technical aspects. They were a family team working together. I was inspired.

One of my daughters loves drawing and the idea of illustrating was just beginning to grow. I reached out to Breezy via Facebook and this young lady took the time to respond and offer suggestions for my daughter. Breezy became a Facebook friend and a continuing inspiration.

Last week my daughters and I traveled an hour east and were guests at the Brookshire home for an afternoon of inspiration. Robin and Breezy both took hours out of their day to chat with complete strangers and make a difference in the lives of three people.

Breezy shared about the process of illustrating. Robin shared about her crafts, blog and Pinterest, but most of all they shared their time, they shared their passion with us and they shared encouragement.

Breezy and my girls

Often, we can also inspire others even in our loss and pain. Robin’s husband died just over a year ago. Cancer took him suddenly and with little warning. She is an inspiration as she goes forward and finds what life looks like now. In the midst, she continues to love, create, and help others.

Robin and Breezy Brookshire

Margie, Breezy and Robin are regular people. They are people just like you and me. Their lives are not perfect or pain free. Yet, in the midst of living, in the midst of pursing their own dreams and even in the mist of sorrow, they have taken the time to give to others. They dared to inspire.

Me, Robin and Breezy

You too are an inspiration. Your story, your life, your talents can be an inspiration to someone. Today choose to inspire someone. Give someone your time and attention. Share your talent or creation you’ve been hiding for fear it wasn’t good enough. Speak to others. Share your story. Send a note of encouragement. Call a friend. Today you can make a difference. So, dare to inspire.


Here are a few of Breezy’s books.



You can find Breezy’s website at

Here is one of Robin’s adorable embroidery kits.

You can find Robin’s website at

You can get an amazing massage with Margie in Kokomo at the YMCA  at

Thank you for reading. You are all an inspiration to me.



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  1. Thank you (my dear wife) for a great message we all need to here! I will make it a point to inspire someone today!

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