There’s a magical spot in my yard. It’s a swing that sits on the edge of a creek. It is perfectly perched on a lip of land that offers a view of the meandering water as it slowing slips into the darkness of the woods behind our home. It is here on the swing that stories are shared and new ones are birthed.

Stories are celebrated in my home. Good ones are like treasures that we diligently seek after. Classics are collected and the birth of a new story is treated with delight and rousing fanfare. We are a family of Bibliophiles and budding authors, and inspired writing is our passion.

The playhouse has become a spot for reading.

The Story Swing perfectly fits three, myself and my twin daughters. At times other chairs are dragged to the swing so others can join our little club. It isn’t private; all are welcome, but for the most part it has become a doorway to literary adventure for just us three.


Once the winter snows are gone, we count the days until we can once again visit Middle Earth, or perhaps Hill Top Farm. We’re always ready for a trip to the river bank with Mole and Ratty and the Hundred Acre Wood is also a delightful destination. We run to the Story Swing to read aloud as soon as warm weather allows and we continue our visits as far into to autumn as we’re able.

As a writer, I am a lover of well written words. I collect great story openers such as, “Marley was dead to begin with,” and “All children, except one, grow up.” (A Christmas Carol and Peter Pan) Witty dialogue makes me giddy such as The Hobbit’s:

“What do you mean? Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether

I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?”

As a writer mom I have been able to share that love with my five children and now with my grandchildren as well. My nest is nearly empty, but for 27 years I have fed my children a diet of adventure, fantasy, mystery and lighthearted literature. They too have fallen in love with the written word and each of them has found the diet that is most pleasing to them.

A signed copy of Anna’s favorite illustrator, was her favorite birthday present.

My oldest son, now a father who passes on his love of books to his children, is a voracious reader of science fiction-fantasy. My second son writes delightful tales that rival Beatrix Potter. My youngest son is a musician who not only puts his words to epic scores, he and my second son also spend hours creating maps of lands inspired by Middle Earth. One of my daughters collects antique classics and the other has excelled at reading although diagnosed with dyslexia. Both of them even read, The Last of the Mohicans, an extreme challenge.

My granddaughter and Mom. Generations sharing a love of books.

I’ve always heard that good writers read, so, I read. I read books to my toddlers again and again and again. Bed time stories were a must and the dinner table was a wonderful place to visit a little house in the big woods, the banks of plum creek and a little house on the prairie. Each Christmas Eve I read that year’s story I wrote just for them, and every Christmas was the perfect time to give more books.

A few of our favorites when the kids were young

I haven’t always had time to write. Raising a large family and homeschooling them kept the focus away from writing.  However, I have no regrets on shifting my focus for a season. I have shared my love of the written word with the next generation and now I am the recipient of their creations. Christmas Eve is now my turn to receive a story written by my girls. My middle son writes whenever he finds time and one day I hope to help him publish his wonderful words. My daughters and I have made plans to write a story together and one of my girls will someday illustrate my children’s books.

Anna’s creation.

For years I may have struggled to find a quiet spot in my home to put pen to paper, but I am thrilled that I included my children in my journey and now they too are lovers of the written word.

Next year my daughters will graduate and I will have all the time I want to write, but I find that I’d rather sit on that magical swing and continue to share stories. The greatest chapter in the story of my life has been the years that I taught others to read and write. I need to write almost as much as I need to breathe but it is on the Story Swing that I find the magic and the words to create something of value. It is on the Story Swing that I and pass the magic on to the next generation.

What magic do you posses that you can share with others?

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If we all work together, maybe winter will flee. THINK SPRING!!


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  1. Hi Debbie, I love that your entire family reads. I read to my children, they joined the library summer reading club…I bought books for one daughter who wanted to join the weekly reader book club..she was in that club for two years and all the girls read the books. I love you writings. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  2. Debbie,
    Each time I’m sure ‘it’s the best’, but everytime I like the next one better. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Your post today reminded me of how we met almost 20 years ago. I was reading a Little House on the Prairie book to my girls in the apartment building laundromat. You heard me reading while we waited for our laundry to finish…you came over to ask, “Do you home school your children?” And, the rest, is history…
    Same for me, many hours spent reading to my girls….through those books we traveled to far away lands, became pioneers, imagined great and wonderful happenings…. The Smile of a Child is worth it all as you share a book in a special reading spot.

    1. So thankful for that laundry room meeting all those years ago!! Thank you for all your encouragement!

  3. Always a treat to have time or make some to read what you write. The best is I know it is you and it is the way you live. I too remember being on that swing at the edge of the creek. I remember us watching the deer who did not know we were there. The happy times we had at that spot. The blog. brought back so many memories for me. Keep writing. Jody

  4. Debbie,
    I enjoyed it all over again.
    What a grand spot indeed!
    You can write a book about the swing.
    “There’s a lovely spot on our land—home to the magical swing…”

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