A Word Like No Other

Quotes and phrases have declared it for generations. We all long to find and dwell in the perfect one. Most people yearn to return to this place of comfort, security and familiarity when away. HOME, a word that brings a feeling of warmth and longing.

Home sweet home. There is no place like home. Home is where your story begins. Home is where you hang your heart. Home, a place where your feet may leave but your heart will always be. Home, a word like no other.

My husband has been enjoying the beach for the past three weeks. His work as a fire and water restoration specialist has taken him to the shores of North Carolina and Florida. By day he deals with the aftermath of two hurricanes but his early mornings and evenings have been spent strolling along the beach, shell hunting and sending me photos of endless sandy shores. Normally, I would have ditched the Midwest and made a beeline to join him, but it’s autumn. Autumn means cozy time. Autumn means snuggle up in your house time. Autumn means, getting in the mood for the holidays, time.

My home has my heart. We’ve been in our current home for 20 years. These walls have surrounded me through years of joys, momentous events and trials. I have gained friends over the past 20 years and some have drifted away but my home has been a friend who has sheltered me through it all.

For the month of November, HOME will be my focus. I’ve been inspired by a fellow writer Victoria Duerstock. Her book,¬† Heart and Home, Design Basics for Your Soul and Living Space will come out next April. Her November Instagram challenge, challenged me. For the month of November I’m going to focus on what about my home captures my heart.


The word gratitude is far reaching when it applies to HOME. First of all, I am thankful for my home. I try to never take it for granted. I am thankful that I have had a home of my dreams where I could raise my children. We all can have varying reasons that we are grateful for our homes. Today, make a list of your reasons. It is always good to remember why we are thankful and to take the time to focus on the positives of gratitude instead of what we are lacking or what we want.

The people

The people who live inside the walls of my house and those who have come to visit are the true heart of my home. My father keeps a guest book on his entry table at his home. I’ve tried to begin the same tradition but I constantly forget to encourage visitors to sign it. I love remembering all the people who have stayed with us for one night or seven months. I love remembering every party and guest that ever came. As you think about the people who have blessed your home, you’ll be right back at #1, filled with gratitude.

My family

Objects that bring me joy

It’s true. I like things. Not only do I love crystal chandeliers and lamps of all kinds. (the electric company loves me) but I love my red and white dishes, my French roosters and chickens, along with my endless library of books. Fluffy blankets have my heart too. I also love the paintings that are true masterpieces painted by the little hands of children and grand children and the photographs of loved ones that fill my table tops. Look around and take a moment to enjoy those things which bring you joy.

Home is where my heart is. I encourage you, for the month of November, think about why your home has your heart. After all, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is a great way to jumpstart your thankfulness.

Join me on Instagram as I join Victoria’s November challenge. I’ll try my best to post a photo each day that captures the theme and captures why my home has my heart.



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  1. Debbie all I can say is AMEN to all you have written. I have learnt that I am at home when I am in the church that the Lord sent me to and when I am in Israel. I have always been at home in your home. So where their is love it makes a home. It take a husband and a wife to make a hous into a HOME. Jody

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