Tuscany, you have captivated me, and I don’t wish to be free.

Standing in this spot was a dream come true.
Sharing this dream with my girls meant the world to me.

The tears started flowing standing beneath Frances Mayes’ house, Bramasole. I hoped she’d spy me from her window, invite me in and ask me to be her bosom friend.

Bramasole means to yearn for the sun. That should be my middle name.

Frances Mayes

She was the sole reason my family was sitting in a van, at the top of the hill, above the town of Cortona. Frances captured my heart with her book, Under the Tuscan Sun, and then the movie by the same name, sealed Tuscany in my heart forever.


Cortona is one the numerous hill towns dotting the rolling green fields of Tuscany, Italy. The original town existed before the founding of Rome. In existence for 3.000 years, it’s hard to fathom the history of this town as you hike up its steep, narrow streets.

My kids were afraid that I would arrive at the town square naked as I lagged behind them, slowly removing pieces of clothing as I trudged up the almost vertical road in the Tuscan heat. No need to fear, I arrived decently dressed in the essentials.

The center of town seen in the movie.

Tuscany and Cortona were my original European infatuations. My love for France bloomed only after I was completely smitten with Italy. As we drove to Cortona, I feared that my love for France would dwarf my affection for Tuscany, but Tuscany has a way of luring your heart to her subtle beauty and completely capturing you.

Kitties are what lures my girls’ hearts.
This store was a complete delight, not only because it carried the pottery I love for outdoor dining, but also because the owner spoke English and we chatted forever. Her husband then got us a special table for lunch.
The pasta at this restaurant was made down the hill by their cousin.

Cortona is located smack dab in the center of the Italian boot. Its architecture is a combination of Medieval and Renaissance styles. Frances Mayes’ home, Bramasole was originally built in 1504, but still stands proudly and beautifully. Its rose exterior and manicured gardens have been the inspiration for my own outdoor spaces.

Medieval alleys
The different doors fasinated me.

My Tuscan Dream

I confess, I’ve spent years pretending that my own patio was a patio in Cortona. My dinner parties were never complete unless I was playing music inspired by Tuscany or France. My dinnerware and serving platters had to complete the charade. I wanted to live at Bramasole, so for years I did my best to live my Tuscan dream in Indiana.

Our patio in Cortona was in a breezeway.

Dreams do come true and after years of pretending, I rented my own Tuscan farmhouse and drug my family halfway around the world to experience it with me. I was not disappointed, but I was also very pleased to realize that what I had created in my own back yard was also a dream come true.

Our farmhouse rental
I even loved the back view of our farmhouse.
The view from our house.

I’d love to go back to Tuscany and spend more time there and really experience it. I don’t know if that will ever happen, but I’ll always love Tuscany and continue to take the best of the world and add it to my everyday life.

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Finally, the book that started the dream, A Year in Provence, by Peter Mayle. This is the book that alerted me to the absolute need to travel to Provence. This bestseller is the account of Peter who realizes his dream of buying a 200-year-old stone farmhouse in Provence. Once you read this book, a trip to Provence will appear on your bucket-list.


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