Travel is the beginning of exploration. Some people travel to discover new places and new experiences. Some people travel to discover themselves, while others want to discover other cultures and learn about our world. Appetites for excitement and food also spur many to jump on a plane or to pack up the car.

Love is what compelled me to fly eight hours over an ocean. I fell in love almost twenty years ago with the object of my affection. My love taunted me from afar and flirted with my affections until I was hopelessly in love.

I’m not the first to succumb to the allure of France and Italy. They create such desire in people that millions flock to these nations annually and many never return home. Thousands of expats fall in love and find a way to enter a long-term relationship.

Two years ago, I traveled to Europe and embarked on a five-week journey to answer the question that had been burning in my heart, “Is there a home for me here?”

Today, I’m on a new journey. I’m in the midst of writing a new book all about that trip. As I relive each step of the voyage, I’m attempting to entice new victims. It’s my goal to produce Francophiles out of unsuspecting readers. I desire to force a love affair with Italy with someone who never considered her alluring attributes before.

As I plug away at my computer, you are on my mind, and I excitedly look forward to the day that I get to share my book with you.

Until then, I’ve created something to satisfy any longings or curiosity that you may have.

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Bon Voyage

Tips for traveling in Europe and ways to enjoy the journey without leaving home

In Bon Voyage you’ll find Spotify playlists, book suggestions, movie recommendations, travel show ideas, Instagram accounts you’ll love, travel tips, and tips to enjoy a touch of the French and Italian lifestyle in your own home.

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Debbie Spence is a multi-award-winning author who is currently working on Searching for Home – A European travel memoir



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  1. You look simply marvelous standing there in my FAVORITE European city. So glad you finally went.

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