Are you familiar with the word hygge? It is pronounced hue-guh and is a Danish word. Hygge is about the feeling of being cozy. It involves words and feelings such as warmth, comfortable and safe. It is about the art of creating intimacy for yourself or others by doing simple things such as lighting a candle, baking or spending time at home with your family. Hygge is about contentment and well-being.

People from Denmark, Norway and Sweden found a charming solution to their long winters up north. They sought to create a warm atmosphere and wanted to enjoy the good things in life with good people.

It is speculated that hygge originated from the word hug, and that is what we all need as we slip into a colder season, a big warm hug. On Sunday, time slipped back an hour and it was dark before dinner. Hug me! Hug me!

I’m a true summer girl, but the idea of hygge is so inviting that I almost look forward to a few falling flakes. Summer is great for outdoor living but winter is a season that invites us to pursue a state of warmth friendliness and belonging. The chilly weather is a invitation to the part of us that longs to be cozy. Fluffy blankets are like magnets, a crackling fire is pure delight and the nearness of friends and family is even more meaningful.

This month I’m focusing on My Heart – My Home and hygge goes hand in hand with that theme. Remember to join me on Instagram where each day I will try and post a photo that fits with the theme.


Snuggle is a fun word and my favorite thing to do when the thermometer drops. Snuggle in a fluffy throw, with a loved one or with a furry friend. Snuggle by a fire and always pair your snuggling time with something warm to drink.


The colder seasons are perfect for diving into a good book. When I can no longer enjoy a summer tale on the swing near my creek, I grab a book filled with cozy feelings and snuggle by the fire. Some perfect seasonal treats are: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.

What is your favorite Winter time read? Share your suggestions with us in the comments.

Stay Warm

Here in the Midwest we seemed to skip autumn and headed straight into winter. Our temperatures have been unseasonably cold and we even have a forecast of snow on Friday. I can handle the cold if I’m warm. I wear layers, fuzzy socks, soft scarves and fingerless mitts indoors on really cold days. A great idea is to warm your towel in the dryer before your bath or shower or put a towel heater on your Christmas wish list.

Hygge is a great idea. Join me this month and all winter long as I find ways to bring hygge into my life.


I’m excited to share my good news. Yesterday I found out that my children’s picture book, Broken Crayons Color Too, won first place in the Ohio Christian Writer’s Conference. I am thrilled! It’s my hope that by next year it will be an actual book. I’ll keep you posted.



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  1. Debbie congratulation’s on your book . I am happy for you and the God given gifts you have with in you. I always enjoy what you write the pictures say so much. Jody

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