Intensely chocolate, this classic French dessert hints at why Paris is called the city of Love. Who doesn’t love Mousse au Chocolate, or any other food produced by the French.

Although the French didn’t know about chocolate until the 17th century when Spain shared its guilty little pleasure, they’ve taken chocolate to new heights of deliciousness ever since.

Mousse, which means, foam, originated in France in the 18th century, but no need to catch an 8 hour flight to Paris to enjoy it, here’s a recipe to satisfy your chocolate longing. Can you say, “miam-miam!” (Yum)

This recipe is only one of the 50 traditional French recipes in the book, “How to Cook French Pastry.” This yummy book that I picked up in the gift shop at Versailles, is one of the six prizes you can win.

Along with this tasty cookbook, you can win one of the following prizes.

French Chocolate

A Lavender Sachet from Provence

French Macarons

A Year in Provence – Book

Swiss Toblerone


Here is how you can win one of these European gifts.

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It’s that easy! Prizes will be randomly drawn. The first name drawn will get their first choice, the second person their first choice that is still available and so on.


You can enter multiple times BUT you must share this blog for each entry.

Let us all know how your mousse turns out.

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