Where the heck did May go? I had all sorts of plans to enjoy the month of May, but whoosh—and it was gone. Life is like that. It’s annoying!

We need to be careful with our time. We always think, “I’ll get to it tomorrow,” or “I don’t have time to relax.” The days, hours and minutes do slip by so we must grab them before they are gone. They will not return. You will not recapture this moment.

It would be nice to be independently wealthy so that we could do nothing but smell the flowers all day long. The reality is that most of us work either at a job or at home, and we all stay busy. I believe we are all TOO busy and thus I write. I’m that little voice whispering in your ear saying, “slow down, enjoy life!”

I know you can’t skip work. I know that the kids do need to eat and that our husbands might like for us to maintain a small path through the clutter. Clean underwear is always nice and our talents as a chauffeur are in high demand.

However, there are still ways to enjoy an unhurried life. There are still simple pleasures that we can add to each day. Some pleasures already exist, we only need to become aware of them. That is why I wrote, 75 Seasonal Pleasures – Summer.

Today I’m excited to share some of those pleasures with you. The following is an excerpt from my eBook. ENJOY!

75 Seasonal Pleasures – Summer

Porch Pal Alexis, photo taken by her husband Nathan.

“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.”

Jenny Han

Summer is indeed magical. When we were young the school bell rang, and we were free for three months. We were free to play all day and stay outside until the sun had said goodnight, even if that was at 10 PM.

We are no longer children, but summer still holds our hearts captive. Each summer day holds a hint of the childhood feeling of freedom and the promise of carefree days. Summer gives you permission to be lazy and to linger outside as long as you desire.

Summer is a season overflowing with simple pleasures. They surround us and are as numerous as the blinking fireflies on a summer night. They are as near as a porch swing or that puddle in your yard. Simple pleasures abound in this beloved sunny season.

School is out. The carefree days of summer now belong to you. You are invited to be inspired by these 75 simple summer pleasures. They are ideas to revive the lighthearted girl inside you who dreams of summer.


Porch Pal Charlene. Photo taken by Porch Pal Bobbi Jasay.

Blow Bubbles

With a splurge of a whopping fifty cents, you can have all the entertainment you need on a warm summer day. Unscrew the lid, pull the wand out of its soapy contents, purse your lips, and blow. Iridescent globes of soap float on the breeze, and your mood lifts on the wind with the bubbles. The wind takes them higher and higher and your hopes and aspirations rise and dance among the suds. Blow slowly and create giant bubbles or wave the wand quickly through the air and release a party of foam all about you. You are once again a child, and you have no problem with that.

Escape to a Quiet Place

“Sometimes you need to sit lonely on the floor in a quiet room in order to hear your own voice and not let it drown in the noise of others.”

Charlotte Eriksson

You may have to hide or travel a short distance, but finding a quiet place is necessary. Our noisy world can easily overwhelm our thoughts and dreams. It is in the quiet place that imaginative ideas are born. It is in the midst of a hush that our breathing evens out and our heart remembers why it is beating. Escape if you must but leave all behind and find your very own quiet spot, even if only for a moment.

My son and daughter-in-love. Photo by Bobbi Jasay


“Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.”             

Winnie the Pooh – A. A. Milne

Giving and receiving love is life’s greatest pleasure. You may find pleasure in giving love to that special someone or to your friends and children. However, your pleasure is greatly multiplied when you give love to those who cannot give it back. It is in giving that we truly receive. Take every opportunity to love. Richness of life will be yours.

Porch Pal Anne. Photo by Bobbi Jasay

Read in a Tree House

You are misinformed if you think tree houses are only for children. They are hideouts, and who needs a hideout more than a busy mom. Steal away, shimmy up the ladder, get comfortable, and open that book you’ve been dying to read. In a tree house hidden away from the world, an adventure is even more gripping as the breeze blows through the tree limbs. A love story causes your heart to flutter and pound as a red-headed woodpecker taps nearby. A mystery is also a marvelous choice because your family will be in the midst of their own mystery. Where is Mom?

Porch Pal Callie. Photo by Bobbi Jasay.

Travel a Gravel Road at Dusk

The sun has slipped down beyond the horizon and the sky is grayish lavender. The frogs have just launched into their night time chorus. The fireflies are beginning to twinkle. Their greenish yellow lights flash and float in tempo with the frogs and the crunching of your steps upon the gravel. The warmth from the sun soaked stones still radiates, even as the cool dampness begins to rise from the grass along the road. The warm glow of yellow lights radiates from the windows of a distant house. As the night and its sounds surround you, peace envelops you and you are one with the night.

Enjoy 70 more pleasures when you get your own copy of, 75 Seasonal Pleasures – Summer. 

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  1. Another great post that is really true! Plus, that Winnie the Pooh guy is smarter than he looks!

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