I’m returning home.  We’re taking a family vacation to the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and Bryce canyon. The quickest way there is to fly to Las Vegas then rent a car.  Driving wasn’t an option since it would take six days there and back. So, I’m returning to the land of my birth, Las Vegas, home of cheap flight deals.

Long before I fell in love with the corn fields of the Midwest, I was a desert girl. I was born in Las Vegas and lived there for the first fifteen years of my life. It was there that I built my first fort. I found scrap wood in the desert behind my house. When I say scrap, I’m talking odd shaped pieces fraying at the ends. I hammered nails into our cinderblock fence to help the flimsy wood stay standing. I was shocked when my parents didn’t appreciate my amazing structure and scolded me for putting nails into the cinderblock.

I had built my first dream home. I proceeded to hang a lace curtain in my semi-square window and drag other treasures into my very own sanctuary. I have never forgotten my little “she-shed,” and returning to Vegas is resurrecting my memories of a desert childhood and a place that was just mine.

My friend Anne

Today, I continue to relish spaces that are just mine, places where my imagination and creativity have free reign. I love cozy spots that allow me time to think, dream, read and escape. My house and yard contain numerous spots like this. I’m one of “those,” someone who believes if one is good, ten must be REALLY good. So, I have created escapes throughout my home.

Currently I have eleven magical places in my two-acre yard. My French Patio was created for romantic dinners. I have two 3-person swings in two different locations along our creek. One is our story swing and the other is for napping. I have benches in different locations who purposes are to capture a different view or perfectly located to listen to a waterfall or fountain.

My story seing

My rock patio was designed for entertaining family and friends. Surrounded by towering maples and twinkle lights, it is my favorite place to be every summer evening. I also love to curl up on a chaise on this patio and write.

Emily loves this spot too for her quiet time.

A very special spot, and the inspiration for this blog is my breezy porch. Ten years ago, it was added when we remodeled. It is 12×24, a porch that becomes our favorite room of the house all summer long. My bedroom has a door that opens to the porch and it is the place I go to first thing each warm morning.

William Wordsworth wrote, “When from our better selves we have too long been parted…how gracious, how benign is solitude.” It is too easy to become parted from our better selves when our schedule demands so much from us. This weekend a t-shirt hanging at a boutique nearly hit me in the gut. “I can’t, my kid has practice,” were the words boldly printed across the front. I didn’t find it humorous.

My friend Charlene

It’s time for you to say, “I can.” You need to say, “I can have some time for me.” You need to say, “I can have a special place where I’m allowed to go to rest, dream or create.” You need to say, “I can allow myself a place to contemplate, spend time alone, spend time with God, to do nothing at all or to find our better selves.

My friend Callie

Your special spot does not need to be elaborate. An entire she-shed is not in order. Instead, think simple. A cozy chair in your bedroom is a wonderful place to escape. Just a reminder, most interior doors have locks. A lawn chair sitting next to a fountain or any spot in your house where everyone is not. Find a spot away from noise and electronics. This is a special spot where you can calm down and take a break from to-do lists and the demands of others.

My friend Jan

God has a plan and a purpose for your life. In your special spot you can quiet your mind enough to listen to his instruction, re-direction and encouragement. You are more than a chauffeur, amateur sports spectator, employee or any of the tasks you do.

My sister Dale

Take the time to escape, rest, listen, dream and find your better self. Find a special spot and put yourself in time-out. I won’t even get angry if you hammer nails into your fence.

Leave a comment and share about your special spot!

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  1. Crickey, you have more special spots than we do!!! I think our special spot is in our sunroom with the morning sun streaming in as we enjoy the view of our back yard and looking out across the hills peppered with houses. A great place to enjoy our morning cuppa.

  2. I enjoyed your post! It got me thinking of ways I can create some special places for myself and my family outside this spring. It’s nice to get everyone outdoors and away from the hum of all the electronics and into the fresh air.

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