On this festive Thanksgiving week, join me as I share simple pleasures for you to enjoy during the holidays. Simple pleasures are all around us. Sometimes we just need a little nudge to notice them. Happy Thanksgiving!

Have Fun in the Kitchen

Thanksgiving is party time in the kitchen. To create a feast consisting of everyone’s favorite dishes, Thanksgiving cooks need a small army of helpers. Being alone, slaving in the kitchen is nothing to be thankful for, so don’t be shy, invite everyone to join you in the kitchen.

For generations the kitchen has been the heart of the home. Women joined their mothers and grandmothers in the kitchen where they passed down recipes, shared conversation and found that togetherness in the kitchen is indeed a simple pleasure.

Even the youngsters can join the fun as you have them tear up bread for stuffing or peel the potatoes. The up-coming generation needs to be a part of the fun and learn the cooking skills to carry on your family’s traditions.

 Men should also join in on the culinary fun. If they aren’t interested in cooking, clean-up needs a lot of helpers too. This is the one time that I’d put dish washing in the simple pleasure category. Everything is more fun when everyone helps. It’s a party in the kitchen.

Don’t Rush Thanksgiving 

Holidays, we need them. Holidays are the precious few dates on our calendars when we get to focus on something other than the common. Life can be difficult and taxing. Our busy schedules leave little time for gathering together and celebrating.


Every year more and more people are tempted to rush right past Thanksgiving. Our need to get a jump start on Christmas has led to the tossing aside of the Pilgrims in exchange for a longer Christmas season. Many of us now enjoy our Thanksgiving feast amid our Christmas decorations, and a great misfortune is that Thanksgiving has now become just an early shopping day for Christmas.

The Friday after Thanksgiving used to be day 2 in a four-day weekend. It is now called Black Friday. May I point out that black is the color of mourning? It was years before I learned that the word black was referring to the financial bottom line for retail and not a day of sadness. (I still consider it quite sad)

How did we lose Friday and how are we now in danger of losing Thanksgiving itself? Don’t rush Thanksgiving! You are depriving yourself. Thanksgiving is for you. It is the only holiday that not only commemorates an event but an attitude. Thankfulness is vital to our own lives and to our society.

We have one day a year established by our government to focus on Thankfulness. We get to feast, fellowship, and for many, enjoy some football. Don’t let anyone steal this from you, and this includes YOU. Don’t give in to a great sale. Is that sale item REALLY on the dream list of your loved one? Is it truly a gift that says, “I thought of what really matters most to you?”

One of the gifts that matters most to me is the gift of time. I want people to spend time with me. I love a good long chat, one that’s long enough to get past the fluff and into what’s in our hearts. Take this opportunity when your relatives are near for some of this deep-hearted chatting time. Stuffing ourselves then rushing off to a great sale is missing out on the blessing of the nearness of your relatives and friends.

Don’t rush Thanksgiving. Savor the flavors of the holiday, those on your plate and those around your table.

Add a Holiday

A few years ago, our family started our own tradition and began a new holiday, Christgiving. Like many families, my family members are spread across the country. We are not always able to gather for the holidays and when we do get together for Thanksgiving, then we are apart on Christmas. We still wanted to be able to exchange gifts while together, so we named the Friday after Thanksgiving Christgiving.

This year our family will be celebrating our second Christgiving. I plan on having the Christmas tree and decorations ready and waiting on our closed-in porch. Once we have thoroughly enjoyed our Thanksgiving Day, on Friday we will set up the tree and exchange gifts.

It gives us the opportunity to enjoy watching our loved ones open the gift we chose especially for them.

One of the joys of choosing gifts for family and friends is getting to enjoy their reaction when they open their gift. Don’t save all the gifts for December 25th. Open the gifts when you are with the giver. Celebrate the season when you are able.

Join me again next week as we leap like Lords into Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year is truly filled with simple pleasures.

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  1. I can honestly say that’s it is enjoyable to help with cleaning the kitchen when doing it with enjoyable people ☺️ Loved this post, Debbie.

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