Summer Yum!

“I’m home!” shouted as you enter the front door and throw your keys on the nearest table is your declaration to the world, “I am no longer in the wild beyond; I have returned to my safe space!”

Home is the place where we live our private lives. It is where we should feel safe and surrounded by the people we love. We find comfort and belonging when we enter our homes.

What makes home feel special to each person is personal, yet it’s obvious that countless people are searching for what home means to them.

Home: how to find one, how to decorate one, how to build one, how to entertain in one, how to create the right atmosphere inside it for our families, and how to even find a home away from home while you’re traveling, are all topics that fill endless shows, blogs, magazines, Instagram pages, and websites.

I’m writing a new book, Searching for Home. It’s a travel memoir of our trip through Europe. Believe it or not, my trip was motivated by the desire to possibly find home in an unexpected place.

As I focus on this topic, I’m forced to search my heart. What does home mean to me? I’m constantly evaluating my home, its pros, and its cons. I’m happy to inform you that there are far more pros. I’m truly trying to face reality about where I should call home and avoid fantasizing. However, I’ve connected with so many people who have found home in unexpected places. Home IS sometimes found by dreaming out of bounds.

Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year, and it is when my home and yard shine. We’re on the other side of July and it’s important that we bask in the goodness of “home” for the remainder of this season.

Here’s some summer tips to enjoy your home this summer.

Eat Your Meals Outside

Breakfast tastes better on the patio

Enjoy Arrangements from Your Garden

Be brave and cut them

Beautify Outbuildings

Our shed and music studio

Make your Favorite Summer Food

Summer treasures

Gather Berries and Bring them Home

Involve the next generation

Sit and Enjoy Nature

Hello my little friend

Spend your Evenings Outside

Our living room for the summer

Homegrown Tomatoes Make your Home Taste like Summer


Introduce your Kids or Grandkids to the Joys of Summer

Fall in love with water

Summer is for Slumber Parties

Sleeping on the porch

Play Vintage Games

croquet never goes out of style

Campfires are a Must

Summer’s nightlight

While I’m trying to juggle the joys of summer and time spent writing, I didn’t want to leave you wanting. I’ve created a free eBook for you to enjoy in the interim. Just click the link and it’s yours.

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