1.   Go with friends

For years I’ve hauled my kids and their friends to the beach, but Moms need a buddy too. When heading to the beach don’t forget to invite a friend. Chatting on the sand, braving the water and watching the kids frolic is so much more fun with a fellow mom and grown-up girlfriend. Take two – they’re free.

2.   Be an Architect

When grabbing your beach essentials, be sure a load of sand toys is included. Inexpensive pails and shovels are the tools to create your own architectural masterpiece. Sand castle building is for all ages. Sit on a beach and just try to not play with the sand – it’s impossible. Plop down, dig in and let the fun begin.

3.   Stay and Watch the Sunset

At the end of the day, beach frolickers begin to dwindle. Stick around; the show is about to begin. Include an evening meal in your ice chest and stay put for the second act. Cool breezes begin to drift in and an ever-changing view will make you glad you stayed. Just sit and watch the show until the last red sliver dips below the water’s surface.

4.   Get in the Water

There’s plenty to do on shore but be sure to put those tootsies in the water. It may be cold and downright frigid, but you’re missing half the fun if you skip the water. Brave the chance of a heart attack and run right in. Frolic, toss a ball, squish the sand in your toes and dive over the waves. Your beach activities will be more fun once you’ve been refreshed in the water.

5.   Run Down a Sand Dune

Big or small, sand dunes were made for running down at breakneck speed. It’s a workout trudging to the top but the view is worth it and the trip down is frightening yet fun. Just don’t trample any kids on the way down and at all costs, avoid the faceplant.

6.   Play Ball

A ball is essential beach equipment. It can be a volleyball, football or beachball, as long as it is round and a joy to throw or hit, bring it.

7.   Take a Stroll

The long wave lapped shore is an invitation for a stroll. Shell and rock collecting are addictive strolling activities and so is just holding hands with someone special and enjoying the breeze. Take a walk and make it a long one.

8.   Take a Nap

Bring an umbrella and your spot of shade offers a great place for sand dune running recuperation. The sound of lapping waves is a tonic for peaceful sleep. Lay down and relaxation is yours.

9. Bury a Buddy

Dig a hole and stick someone in. It’s as simple as that. Add some flair and give them a mermaid or whale’s tail. Once you’ve been buried, it’s back in the water to wash off but plan on finding hidden sand at the end of the day.

10. Share the Love

It is such a pleasure to introduce the next generation to the sand and waves. Helping them build their first sand castle and teaching them to run from the waves is an absolute delight. Bring that special little someone to the beach and it will be your best beach day.

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  1. Sure looked like you had a great time at the beach. I well remember living near this wonderful lake as a child. I have had great times on it and the one thing that stays the same is that the water is COLD. Well, it seem to near be to cold for those who are still very you and even the young at heart. Jody

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