The new school year is just ahead. It will be a busy time filled with studies and extra curricular activities.  Take these last days of your summer vacation and prepare to face the new school year.

1.       Prepare a Back to School dinner. Be sure everyone in the family attends. Make their favorite dishes and talk about what they enjoyed most about the summer and what they look forward to with the new school year. Make it a special family time one they look forward to each year.

2.       Sit down together and set some scholastic goals. Write down a list of goals they wish to accomplish this year scholastically. You can inspire a few goals too. Throughout the year review the goals and see what adjustments need to be made. Post them and refer to them throughout the year to encourage them. Always use these types of tools as a means to encourage and inspire your child.

3.       Take one last family getaway. Take everyone on your favorite day trip getaway. Head to the beach, mountains, your favorite fishing hole or state park. Enjoy nature together. Before you know it, the seasons will be changing and next summer they’ll be a year older with different getaway preferences.

4.       Establish family nights for the coming year. Together, make a list of fun activities you can do together no less than twice a month. Family time gets swallowed up by the school year so plan ahead to spend time together.

5.       Go through the closet. Now is a great time to clean out the wardrobe. Remove all the items that don’t fit or are no longer in vogue. Make a list of necessities and desires. Do all you can to avoid the, “I don’t have anything to wear!” morning crisis.

6.       Go clothes shopping. Set the budget that you are comfortable with and take them out for a special day of shopping. Include lunch and their favorite stores. Let them know how great they look so they’ll feel confident in their new duds.

7.       Establish red letter days. Before you know it, every space on the calendar will be full. With a red marker, outline dates on the calendar that will be red letter days. These dates are off limits for any activities. These are free days, days for rest, relaxation and for just hanging out at home with nothing on the schedule. If you don’t save some days to recoup, you’re in for a wild ride.

8.       Take a family photo. This is the perfect time to establish a tradition so that each year you end up with all of your family in one picture together.

9.       Write them a letter. A new year, a new class or a new school can all cause student anxiety. Take the time to write a letter to your child. Build them up, encourage them and remind them of their past successes scholastically and personally.  Reinforce the fact that NO MATTER WHAT, they can always come to you.

10.   Pray together. Pray over the coming year. Pray for their future teachers and their future friends. Pray for the activities that they will be involved in. Pray that they will know how to spend their time, that they will make wise choices, that they will grow in knowledge and retain new information.  Pray that they will always remember how valuable they are and that they will never listen to the lies that say otherwise. Pray for their protection and the protection of their entire school campus. Continue these prayers throughout the year.

Enjoy these 10 things to do before school starts and you’ll be starting out well. Enjoy each moment you have together before they head back to school and make getting ready for the new year a special time instead of a crazy time.

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  1. These are great even for us now! We may not have children yet, but you can bet that we will be doing some of these before my Grad work starts up again.

  2. The Lord helps you so very much to be such an encourager to the young people as well as the older ones. Always glad to read about what your doing. God bless Jody

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