1.       Visit a pumpkin patch. Find a pumpkin patch near you that offers a true fall experience. Let them run through the pumpkin fields or the piles of already harvested pumpkins. Find one just their size and let them be the one to make the choice.

2.       Carve or paint a pumpkin. Let your child draw the face and you do the carving. It will most likely be a crazy looking jack-o-lantern but your child will be proud of their creation. Or avoid the carving and bring out the paints. Let them turn Ole Jack into anything they want.

3.       Bob for apples. No need to wait for a harvest party to enjoy this activity with your kids. Throw some apples into a tub of water and have some good old-fashioned fun. Be prepared for sopping wet kids. I suggest you do this one outside.

4.       Visit an apple orchard. Apple picking will become a yearly family favorite. Bring your bounty home and enjoy the next activity too.

5.       Make apple sauce. Let your child help. An apple-corer-peeler is a fun tool for kids to work. Stick on an apple and let them crank it around. Simmering apples fill your home with the perfect fall fragrance. Once it’s done, enjoy a warm bowlful together outside as you watch the leaves drop.

6.       Drink apple cider and eat donuts. Make this a yummy fall tradition.

7.       Go on a hay ride. Find a hayride nearby and pile on. If your area lacks hayrides, fill a wagon with hay or straw and pull them around the yard. They may even prefer this personal hay ride.

8.       Take a nature hike. In autumn, everything that once was up, now is down. Take a stroll around the yard or nearest park and collect the loveliest colored leaves, acorns, pinecones or any other autumn treasure. Find out how to press your favorite leaves for autumn decorations.

9.       Make leaf rubbings. A nature hike around the yard will produce leaf specimens that are perfect to stick under a sheet of tracing paper or regular paper. Hold the crayon on its side and color. Be sure to press hard enough so that the image of the leaf shows clearly. Use your artwork for fall decorating.

10.   Rake a pile of leaves and jump in them. Every child needs to jump in at least one pile of leaves in their life. You’ll be cleaning crunched leaves out of their hair and clothes but every giggle is worth the mess.

Autumn is a season to celebrate. The harvest is all around us and our kids will delight in joining in the celebration. I find that autumn is a season with fun activities as abundant as the harvest. Look around and begin harvesting your own fun times and memories.

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  1. Fun ideas. My family loves the outdoors and we especially love the outdoors in the fall. We go to a pumpkin patch, take hikes, camp, pick apples, etc… So much fall fun. Great post!

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