“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of                            June and August.” Jenny Han

The start of school is right around the corner, but wait! There’s still time to make some lasting memories with your kids. Before you begin packing up those backpacks, grab these precious last days of summer and make some lasting memories.

1. SWING – Soaring through the air on a tire swing is recycling paired with pleasure. When tires have outlived their usefulness to transport passengers, it is then that they begin their true purpose. Tire swings are the creators of joy and memories. No self-respecting tree should be without a large tire securely hanging from its strongest branch. These swings are not only for children. Their size is an indication that they were indeed invented for adults. Swing or spin with your kids and don’t forget to try an “underdoggy.”

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2. GAZE – The Perseid meteor shower occurs every August. Gazing at a dark sky far from city lights is the best way to view falling stars. Lay a blanket on the ground and focus on the dark sky. Your reward is a long-lasting streak of blue across the heavens. The best way to view a Perseid shower is with kids who will be amazed. Fill the night air with your laughter and the giggles of children as God fills the night sky with shooting stars and wishes.

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3. SLEEP – A blanket of constellations covers you as you drift off gazing at the universe. No tent required; an air mattress, hammock or mat upon the ground will work fine. The night is alive with the sound of frogs and crickets. They lull you to sleep with their creaking and croaking lullaby. If you are lucky, a shooting star may zip by to tell you good night. Everyone should sleep under the stars at least once in their lives. Make that “once,” this summer.

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4. DRIVE – Forget the hair tie. Let your hair down to blow in the wind. Your hair is not the only thing that is unrestrained. A ride in a convertible with the top down is an opportunity for abandon and release. As your speed increases, leave your troubles behind in the dust of the road. The sun caresses your skin, and the warmth refreshes your attitude. With your eyes fixed on the horizon, focus on all that is ahead. Your cares are now merely a speck in the rear-view mirror.

5. VIEW – A massive white movie screen set against a summer night sky is the main event. Carloads of happy families pile in and surround the screen, ready for the show. A trip to the concession stand is a must. Squealing children romp on the playground equipment while parents carry armloads of food back to their cars. The movie starts and everyone finds a spot, for the show is about to begin. Sit in or out of the car. Drive-in theatres are disappearing and will someday only be a memory from days gone by. So, watch the latest blockbuster now while you can with those you love. (Google the drive-in nearest you.)

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6. CATCH -Fairy lights blink and twinkle on dark summer nights, bringing awe and squeals of delight. Stroll into the dark woods away from lamp light and view the magical display. Firefly nights are brief; so too is childhood. We blink and summer is gone. Blink again and children are grown. Run and giggle with your child as you pop little blinking insects into a jar. If you do not have children, do not let the lack of children keep you from this pleasure. Enjoy your little captured treasures and then release them before the night is out.

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7. LICK – Homemade ice cream is frozen deliciousness created by angels. Bowls filled with creamy sweetness in the flavor of your choice is a tasty pleasure. An ice cream party with all your favorite toppings and your kids is a recipe for yumminess. Have an ice cream social for memories that won’t melt away.

8. PITCH – “Three strikes and you’re OUT! Alright, four or five would be alright too. Never mind, you can swing until you hit it.” The best place to enjoy America’s favorite pastime is in your own yard. That big rock over there is first base, and Johnny’s shirt is second base. “Sarah, quit playing with that beetle and go get the ball!” How many outs is that? It really doesn’t matter as long as everyone has had a chance to hit the ball and Mom has enjoyed her children’s shenanigans. Baseball, the perfect summer game.

9. SING – Gather around the campfire and it’s time to fill the night air with the sound of sweet singing. A round of “Row-Row-Row Your Boat” is always the first and easiest song to start the crooning. Harmonizing is allowed and encouraged as you send your voice as an offering into the night sky. It will be bedtime long before you run out of songs to sing. Each song reminds you of yet another. So, join the frogs and crickets and sing the night away.

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10. CLIMB – There are trees that are begging to be climbed. Low branches dip down, shouting, “Here I am, a foothold.” We must oblige them. Reaching the top is not your goal. You are free to perch on the lowest branches. However high you can shimmy is the perfect height to survey the world beneath you. This new vantage point may transform your perspective on things below and your thoughts inside. A tree is an opportunity for you to find the child inside yourself, enjoy the one hanging on the branch next to you and to get the proper perspective for the coming school year.

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Go make memories and make Summer 2018 one you’ll never forget.

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Go Enjoy all that summer has to offer!!!

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  1. Sure wish I’d had your posts like this one when my boys were young. Now, 50 years late, I see all the opportunities we missed!

  2. I so enjoy you and the what you have to tell those who are wanting to find how to really be happy. Jesus wants us to live life and it is found in the everyday walk with each other. I was talking about the little fire flies at church on Sunday. Oh how our children loved to catch them. Jody

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