Hello June! Hello Summer! A new season has arrived and with it a new season of life for me. My blog posts have been few and far between lately so today I wanted to invite you into my world and update you on the crazy life of a children’s book author.

I’m sharing images from my garden on today’s blog.  Consistent rain does not make me happy, but my garden is giddy with delight.

THE END… Or is it?

Many of you know that this was my final year of homeschooling, my grand finale. I was certain it would be a heart breaker, that I would spend it grieving, not so. Instead of crying through my twin daughters’ final year of school, I found myself on an adventure, a year of preparation for “Life – The Sequel.”

I feared life as I knew it would end at the end of my 24th year of focusing on home education, and I was right. God has new things in store for my life. The sequel will be different but I’m sure it will be filled with surprises and adventure.

I want to encourage any of you that may be facing a new or unfamiliar season. The future is still bright. Fulfillment is available in every season of life.

Last fall I attended the North Carolina Christian Writers Conference and a whole world opened for me. I gained an agent and a book deal. My first children’s book will be released fall of 2020. This has been a lifelong dream and God blessed me with a new career when I finally could pursue it and when I needed purpose and hope for my future.

I’ve written multiple books that are now being shopped around and I can’t wait to share all the good news with you as it occurs.

One very exciting occurrence happened last Tuesday on my 36th wedding anniversary. I found out on a live video that I won 1st runner up for “Writer of the Year” with my children’s book that is coming out next fall.

Let Me Know What You Love

I have always loved children’s literature and I’d love to hear from you. What are some of your favorite children’s books? Please let me know what books you love reading to your kids and what books they love to read and reread. I’ll make a free eBook with the information you share. “Good books for kids” is one of my battle cries.

A New Look is Coming

I’m bursting at the seams with writing ideas and I want my website to depict my love for literature for children and women. I love writing for children, but my heart still beats to encourage women at every stage of life.

I love encouraging all women to slow down and enjoy life. I love encouraging moms on the hardest journey they’ll ever love. I love encouraging moms who choose to home school because I spent 24 years of my life as a homeschooling mom who tried her best and failed often. I understand the self-doubt, the struggles and the victories. I also love encouraging women who now have empty nests and possibly a grandchild or ten. I’m joining your ranks.

In the next month, my website and blog posts will be getting a facelift. I’d love your input. Are there topics you’d like to see more of? What type of eBooks would you find helpful? I’d love to just know a little about each of you. What stage of life are you at? What do you like to read and why? What do you look for in a children’s book? Leave me a comment.

Pooh Had a Grand Adventure and I’m Having One Too

Along with the joy of pursuing my writing dreams I also get to have another lifelong dream come true this fall. Along with my husband, daughters and one of my sons and his wife, I am heading to Europe for the trip of my lifetime. For five weeks I’ll be driving through France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

I’ve been dreaming of France and Italy ever since Frances Mayes tempted me years ago with Under the Tuscan Sun. (We’re staying in Cortona, Italy)Then I discovered Peter Mayle and dreamed of having my own Year in Provence. The movie Julie and Julia captured my heart next and I had to read Julia Child’s, My Life in France. From there I read any book about an American moving to France or Italy that I could find. (I’ll provide a list of my favorite books on this subject in an upcoming blog post.) The movie, A Good Year sealed the deal and we’ll be spending three days in Bonnieux, the site of that film.

I wish I could take you all along with me, but I will do my best to take you along here on my blog and on my social media pages. So, be sure we are Facebook Friends and that you follow me on Instagram.

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INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/debbiespence5/

What would you like to see or hear about as I share my journey with you? I’d love to hear your ideas. Leave me a comment.

Will You Share With Us?

I’d love to feature you and those you love. Please consider emailing me a photo of you – 1. Reading your favorite book, 2. Reading to your favorite kids, or 3. You involved in your favorite summer pleasure. I’d love to share your photos on future blog posts. Send them to debbiespence5@gmail.com

Well there you have it. The condensed version of my life this past year. Now that the girls have graduated, it is my goal to begin posting blogs more regularly. Just know that even when I’m absent I always think about each of you.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Fasten your seat belts, because I have all types of things I’m going to share with you.

If you haven’t done it yet, be sure to download your FREE copy of SEASONAL PLEASURES – SUMMER. https://dl.bookfunnel.com/liqa8r59q0

It’s summer vacation, time for a new season. Time for FUN!

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  1. God is so good! Just when we think it might ‘be over’ He comes along with surprises that fulfill the dreams He long ago planted within our hearts. I’m so thrilled for you Debbie.
    I’m looking forward to ‘going along’ on your trip to Europe as you share it with all of us on your blog.
    Have a wonderfully blessed summer!

  2. Beautiful blog post friend of my heart! I have been amazed at how God has brought you through with flying colors!

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