“Just because you’re doing a lot more doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot done. Don’t confuse movement with progress.”

Denzel Washington

Welcome to the Breezy Porch, my blog about all things unhurried. I used to live life at a pace that made myself and my family dizzy. There was always so much to do and I did it all. The crazy pace that was our norm began to wear on me and unhappiness and discontentment became the result.

When I review journal entries that revealed my heart’s cry in my busy days, I’m reminded that I desperately wanted peace. Even now I can remember the frantic feeling I had each day hoping someone would help me find that peace.

My reality was like many moms. When you are in the thick of raising children, peace is not a common occurrence. I did however begin to realize that there were steps I could take to find the peace I was so desperate for. Little by little, step by step, I found my way to an unhurried life.

The big switch for me came seven years ago. I was recovering from surgery and as I recovered, I wrote a book. I poured my heart out on paper and began a new journey. Soon I will share with you the book that started it all. From that book came my blog, Time out for Tea and Tidbits which began in 2011. As I blogged for six years, my eyes were opened and my life transformed. My pace began to change along with what I valued in life. I discovered an unhurried life and I discovered peace.

Busy is the new norm. People are over committed, rushed and emotionally taxed. The causes of our current condition are numerous. A shift has occurred in America’s priorities and way of living. It is not a good shift. The consequences of this busy norm are great and varied.

I hope that as we visit on my porch that you will find some encouragement to address the busy-ness in your own life. If you you’ve been seeking some peace, I’m here to tell you there is hope, there is a way, and there are steps you can take to find your own unhurried life.

     So, come and sit a spell. Put your feet up, grab your favorite beverage, take a deep breath and enjoy the breeze. Let’s chat about things of value. Let’s share ideas that bring us pleasure. Let’s enjoy the fellowship our life is missing, and let’s enjoy an unhurried life.



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