Swimming with a dolphin, an experience that is likely on a majority of bucket lists. A friend of mine recently was heading to visit her son in Florida. She gave him the go-ahead to schedule any activity he wanted. He scheduled a date with the dolphins. At first my friend was thrilled. Who wouldn’t want to frolic with aquatic mammals? Then her son informed her they would be required to wear wet suits. That was a deal breaker. My friend refused to wear a wet suit.

I could understand. Women in our age group, who have lost their girlish figures aren’t exactly thrilled about what they might look like in a wet suit.  After much discussion, prodding and signed promises that no photos would appear anywhere on social media, my friend agreed. The thing that finally tipped the balance in the wet suit’s favor was the thought, “When will I get this chance again? It’s now or never!”

Too often we miss opportunities that would enhance our lives. The reasons we miss out are numerous. Not having the time to take part in an activity or adventure is the leading cause of missed opportunities. Fear is another huge deterrent to taking that step forward. Other reasons include dreaming of doing things and never getting out of dream mode into goal mode, laziness, procrastination, or living according to other’s expectations.

“Seize the moment!” is a much-used phrase, but have you considered it in relation to your own life? This could pertain to taking more adventurous steps such as travel, meeting new people, learning new skills or just doing something you’ve always dreamed of. It can also relate to following a business dream, a dream of writing or creating something with your hands.

One of my book signings. One step at a time brought me to this dream/goal.

“Seize the moment” is a quote that reminds you that NOW is the time. It is great to dream but now is the time to put actions to that dream. Change your dream into a goal, then take that goal and set a plan of action.

If you want to hike a wilderness trail, begin training now. If you want to write the story in your heart, schedule writing time into your day. If you want to visit France, start listening to French language tapes in your car. Determine the steps you need to take to reach your goal.

That’s the way. Seize it! photo by Anna

Often no preparation is needed only the UMPH to do it when the opportunity presents itself. A dive into a dolphin pool takes putting embarrassment behind you. It takes knowing that now is the time and life is worth living. Another chance may never come again. A hike takes that first step. It takes knowing that time is passing, age is winning but we can enjoy the journey every moment along the way.

The great deterrer – fear, keeps so many of us away from seizing anything. One fear is that we’re not good enough. We believe that amazing adventures or successes are for others, not us.  My question is this: “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?”

The door is open. Go through it! photo by Anna

Who and when, huge questions that you must answer. I suggest the answer is you and now. God has called you to pursue that which He placed in your heart. Will you be the best? No one knows that answer, but even if you aren’t, the journey is worth taking.


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The winner of this contest will enjoy one night in a comfortable canvas tent and queen size bed perched near the creek listening to the sounds of the water babbling over the rocks and the frogs singing you to sleep.

You will enjoy a scrumptious dinner prepared for you at your own dining area in your hidden treasure. Your campsite will be private and relaxing hidden in the trees, but within sight of our home, so no need to fear the wilderness. A campfire will be made for you to enjoy and breakfast will be brought to your camp in the morning. (We will also work with any dietary restrictions.)

The winner will be able to choose one Friday or Saturday evening from 3 available dates. Check-in time is 3:00 and check-out time is noon. Showering facilities are not available. A camp commode in a separate tent will be your facilities. This prize is for 2 people. You can bring your husband, sister or friend. The date of your glamping experience will be arranged with the winner to best fit your schedule.

If the winner is from out of town, we will assist with travel ideas. The nearest airport is Indianapolis International Airport.

The contest runs from Tuesday May 22 through Thursday June 28, 2018 at 11:00 P.M EST. The winner will be announced on the Breezy Porch Blog, Tuesday July 3.


To enter, send the emails of 25 friends who would enjoy subscribing to The Breezy Porch. Please be sure that the emails you send are valid and that your friends will enjoy joining us on The Breezy Porch.  You may enter as many times as you want with each set of 25 emails.

SEND TO – debbiespence5@gmail.com

This contest is only valid if there are at least ten (10) entries.

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