An unhurried life, how does it happen? Is it possible to have spare time? Do moments of complete restfulness really exist? These are questions worth asking. The answers to these questions are worth finding.

     In our quick fix and fast answer society, you may expect a three-point blog post presenting steps to take to create an unhurried life. I wish it were so simple. I can answer two of the questions for you right now. Yes, it is possible to have spare time, and yes, moments of complete restfulness really do exist. How these occur and where to find them are the bigger, not easily answered questions.

     This blog is about living an unhurried life. In today’s busy world, living unhurried is not the norm and sadly it is often not even the goal. It should be. The posts that you will find here on the Breezy Porch are my attempt to answer the first question; how does an unhurried life happen. The numerous answers to this question may be simple or they may be profound. The answers are varied. Some are in plain sight, some are deeply hidden inside our own selves, but there are answers.

     Recently I took a trip to Oregon with my husband. He had a meeting to attend so I went exploring on my own. I ended up at a mountain lake. I had a span of time completely alone at this lake and the complete silence was physically tangible and extremely emotional. I make it a priority to have quiet, peaceful time in my life, but that was on an entirely different scale. In those utterly quiet moments I found deeper thoughts and questions for my own life. Sometimes to find an unhurried life we must find out who we are and how we tick.

     My journey to unhurried is still in progress. I have not reached my destination. I have been on this journey though for many years. For a number of those years I was merely asking those questions. I was desperately asking, but at first, it didn’t seem like I was finding the answers. If you truly ask and truly seek, you will (eventually) find the answers. Most of the time, I am shocked and amazed that the path to the answer and the answer itself were nowhere on my road map. God always has a detour and alternate route. The quickest route between point A and point B is not always the route with the answers or the life changing lessons we need to truly change our lives. We may just end up on a completely different road with different questions and answers than the ones we were originally seeking.

     The answers that you need to the questions above will be found as you seek. Sorry, no quick fix or 10 easy steps here. We are all busy and over committed and the reasons why, are the beginnings of your answers. An unhurried life does not just happen. It can and does happen, but you will need to adjust some thinking and priorities.

     I want to tell you right now that YOU and your family’s quality of life are worth pursuing an unhurried life. This is rule number one. When you begin to waver in your pursuit of an unhurried life, always refer to rule number one.

     We all need more time. We all wish for more hours in a day. The harsh reality is that you are allotted 24 hours each day and only God knows how many of those days you get to live here on this planet. For me, I want those hours and days to be filled with more joy, more peacefulness, more love and more purposefulness. I am done living life as a crazy lady, running around in circles. Join me and together we will discover the simple pleasures that already exist in our lives, the treasures we can enjoy when we have time, possibly a new destination, and most assuredly, the answers to the above questions.


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