For the month of January, I was so happy to fly south with the other snowbirds. A month of sun and warmer temperatures were just what Dr. Debbie ordered. I’m home now and the snow and ice couldn’t wait to greet me. So, I think I need a booster shot. It’s time to think “SPRING.”

The arrival of spring is one of the world’s great opening acts. There is nothing more longed for, desired or anticipated. There is a longing so deep that your insides begin to ache and your brain is good for nothing. It’s called spring fever. This is an illness found in many folks at the end of a long and lingering winter or even after just one day of clouds. The only known cure is the arrival of the robin, the popping up of snow drops and daffodils, and the bursting forth of trees into bloom.

The sky is truly this blue in the Midwest. Emily loving spring.

Spring is an enchantress that beguiles nature to do her bidding. Spring’s charms captivate the hearts of poets, artists and every winter-weary soul. Her dazzling exhibition is the source of pleasure and healing as she twirls about in her frilliest of frocks.

Spring comes suddenly. It bursts upon the world with warmth, color and life. Take every opportunity to enjoy all that spring has to offer. Her pleasures are abundant and simple to enjoy. Awake from your winter slumber and find blazing delight ignited by spring’s sudden spark.

Let’s dream of spring together as I share excerpts from my book, Spring Pleasures – 50 Simple Pleasures for Winter-weary Souls. I am currently offering my Spring Pleasures book as a FREE eBook. Be sure to down load your FREE copy for a limited time.

I know I need a spring booster shot, so I thought you might need one too.n

Stomp in the Rain

At one time galoshes were a part of most every girl’s spring time attire. Unlike today’s fashionable wellies, the older version was wide mouthed with a button and elastic loop for closure. They were not a fashion statement. Today you can feel free to stomp in any rain puddle with chic feet. Rubber boots are exceptional for feeling a little freedom after a rainstorm. So, at the first sign of spring rain clouds on the horizon, seize your rubber footwear and prepare for some foot-stomping pleasure.

Peek in a Nest

Spring is a season bursting with new life. One very simple way to view this wonder is by peering into a nest. You will either be treated with the sight of precious eggs nestled safely among the knitted twigs or of featherless, gaping mouths hoping for a worm. Not only is it a pleasure to witness these tiny hatchlings but you may just fall in love. There is something endearing about nestlings. Helpless little creatures who will soon leap and soar from their nests: they can inspire us to let go and try soaring too.

Go Fly a Kite                               

March, the fickle month. Bewildered, this month marches between winter and summer, even within the same day. In its confusion, it sends winds our way. When we were children, a breezy day meant running to an open field with our kites. The perfect March wind would grasp our kite and place it into the sky where it danced as long as we let it. Take a kite dancing. Hoist a kite and release your stress and set your dreams soaring through the air. While in Florida I bought a kite. A 3-dimensional pirate ship. Hello childhood again. Hello fun!

Be sure to down load you book for more spring pleasures. Feel free to share this link with your frinds on social media. Let’s all THINK SPRING!


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