Is there something that has died or grown dormant in your life? Are there convictions you once held that are now just a loosely held belief? Is there a daily discipline that once helped you stay fit physically, mentally or spiritually that you no longer practice?

Our lives can be too loud. Many of our convictions, dreams, goals and beneficial disciplines are drowned out and we don’t even realize it until we feel the complete lack of those things which once kept us healthy, focused and near to God.

The beginning of the year is a great time to evaluate where we stand and to ask ourselves, are we missing something? The past two blogs have asked you to review your past year and to begin setting some goals. As you did, did you find dreams that fell by the wayside? Were you reminded that there were disciplines you once had that you no longer have the time for, disciplines such as a structured diet, regular exercise or consistent Bible reading and prayer?

Busyness steals from us in so many ways. Busyness is a thief that takes from us while telling us lies that it will give these things back later. Later never happens. We get to the end of a year and wonder where did all my dreams go? Where are the plans I had last year? Why do I feel so far from God?

I hope you took the small amount of guidance I offered last week and wrote down some goals and began a plan of action for each of them. This week my advice is this, in each plan of action be sure to include steps you will take to make time to accomplish each goal. Identify where busyness has stolen from this area in the past. Address ways to eliminate the busyness. Prioritize the activities of your day. For example, if spending time reading the Bible is a priority, list it as such. Decide what activity you can’t do until you’ve had time to read.

Accomplishing goals takes focus and the ability to deal correctly with distractions. We are great at dealing with the fire in front of us. When we live by putting out fires first, we never have time to focus on those things which will produce fruit in the future. By default, we ignore our goals, dreams and disciplines and what we ignore deteriorates.

We were created to do so much more than accomplish a to-do list and put out fires. You were created to make a difference and to leave a legacy. You need to accomplish your goals and see your dreams come true. You need to feel good about yourself, your life and enjoy your relationship with Jesus.

So, dream again. Set those goals. Create a plan of action and get the busyness under control. Don’t let your life slip by as a spectator day after day. Step into your own life and grab the reigns. It’s time to resurrect things that have died or grown dormant.

Are you willing to address what’s dying?

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