It’s difficult to swap the lazy days of summer for early mornings and homework. So to help you with the transition, I’m offering a few things to make heading back to school a little more fun.


This Back-to-school box is loaded with treats for you and your child.

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Mom these are for you!

They Call Me Mom by Michelle Medlock Adams and Bethany Jett is exactly what every mom needs. With input from mom’s around the country, they’ve nailed down what Christian Moms really want to talk about. You’ll love the lighthearted, transparent take on real-life ups and downs mothers face through all stages of parenting.

With a devotion for every week of the year, it’s easy to fit a few minutes with God in the middle of a full parenting life.

Candle – Let the calming scent of Jasmine and Chamomile help bring a little peace to your hectic day.

For the Kids

I’ve also included Michelle’s adorable board book, My First Day of School. This book will help ease your first-time student into a great school year.

Fun Science!

Art Supplies

Love Notes

And a great box to put it in

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My Gift to you

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God knew that the only way we’d leave summer is if he threw us a party. Get your FREE copy of 75 Seasonal Pleasures – Autumn.

Seasonal pleasures take on an entirely new color palate when autumn arrives with its abundant harvest and continual festivals. Pumpkins are everywhere, and we’re so glad that they are. We find that we are just as happy that school has resumed as we were when it let out. Sapphire blue skies frame bales of hay. Coziness becomes the goal, and contentment seeps into our bones. Autumn is delicious, a season of extravagant loveliness and abundance. The pleasures available are as simple as a lone amber leaf, the misty autumn fog or a smiling jack-o-lantern. Be stirred by these 75 autumn pleasures and join the fall party.

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