As a homeschooling mom of five children I had many more stay-cations than vacations. Every summer when it was time once again to consider a trip to some fascinating place, we always chose to put the money toward some home repair or home recreation need. An above ground pool seemed a wiser choice that would last years instead of just two weeks.

For years I have dreamed of flying south with the snow birds. Each winter, as my joints stiffened with the fall of the mercury, I dreamed of tropical destinations. It remained a dream for years until this year.

My husband has been doing Hurricane Michael recovery work in Panama City, Florida since October. It wasn’t easy to break away from all of our regular commitments and relationships but for the month of January my girls and I joined him.

We have been nestled in a fresh, beach vibe cottage in Miramar Beach. Two blocks from the beach, our little house has a fenced front yard perfect for our dog. Green grass and palm trees greet us each morning on our large front porch instead of ice and snow. Although too cold to swim in, our backyard pool is perfect for reclining by.

It has been the perfect place to reboot and refocus. Getting away has given me the chance to focus on my diet and exercise which are usually squeezed out of a busy schedule. My daily walking routine has been along a pure white beach and I have become addicted to watching the sun slip behind the horizon every evening.

A month long get-away may not be an option for you but you can still provide yourself the opportunity to shift gears. Our schedules vary little, day to day and week to week. We can feel stuck in one gear and the things you dream about doing stay dreams. Find a way to change things up. Cancel some activities for a week. Find a new place to exercise and schedule in a few sunsets.

One fun thing that I’ve greatly enjoyed during this trip is engaging regularly with two girlfriends on Marco Polo. Marco Polo is a video app on the phone, Since I’ve been out of town, my friends and I have sent videos back and forth multiple times a day. I take them on my beach walk each day and today I took them with me as I flew a kite. One friend chats from a snuggly position trying to keep warm and one from a bunk bed on her mission trip. The distance has brought us closer together.

During any reboot, take the time to reconnect with friends. When I return home, I don’t think I’ll give up on the Marco Polo. It’s been a great tool to enjoy my friends.

I’ll be back home in just a few days. My girls’ school activities and lessons demand our return. I’ll leave behind the beach, the sunsets and my husband, but I’ve gained some changes that I hope to bring back with me. I’ve gained some new habits and a new perspective. I have shut down, restarted and I’m ready for a new beginning.

Do you need to reboot? What can you do to get your own new beginning?

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  1. Debbie,

    Good for you!! So glad this all worked out so you could have this time. The Father knows our every need. 🙂

  2. Definitely need to reboot every now and than with littles. The boys have been asking about the twins pretty regularly lately. They miss them!

  3. Definitely need to reboot every now and than with littles. The boys have been asking about the twins pretty regularly lately. They miss them! Glad you all got to enjoy Florida and a wonderful reboot as well.

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