Jammies Required

The weather outside is frightful so invite some friends over and have a delightful time. You won’t need an ugly sweater for this get together but some footy pajamas might be required. It’s Christmas party time and last week I had the most comfortable party ever. We all came in jammies. I love girlfriend time […]

While Waiting for Spring

The biting wind and threatening sky did little to convince me it was spring. “They” predicted nine inches of snow. Fortunately, “They” were wrong. The storm slipped south and not one flake fell at my house. Sorry Indianapolis! Spring has arrived, although the calendar forgot to inform the weather. Here in America’s Midwest it is […]

What Can I Bring?

You have just received an invitation to a holiday party and the first words you utter are, “What can I bring?” You have most likely been invited to this festive social function due to your sparkling personality and jovial party demeanor but it is always polite to ask what you can contribute to the party. […]