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Look Back

And so, 2018 comes to a close. As you look back and review this past year are you shocked? Did it turn out like you had planned? Was it full of surprises? So much can occur in just 12 months. It is important to take the time to review your past year. What did you accomplish? What did you learn? Who made your life brighter by being in it? What unexpected events happened? What blessings were you grateful for?

With full, busy lives we can forget to review the events of our lives. We can just press ever onward and miss the lessons that occurred and forget to apply them to the next situation. We can forget that there were far more blessings than we talk about.

My girls are avid journalers. They faithfully record the details of their lives and I believe they are better for it. By revisiting our thoughts and the events of our lives, we may find reminders of what is important. It is through reviewing, that goals and dreams are refreshed and brought to the forefront of our purpose once again. By remembering, friends that brought support and joy to our lives are again remembered for the value they add to our lives.

Goals and resolutions set in January may have slowly gotten squeezed out of our focus as the day to day details of life took precedence. Those goals and resolutions you set at this time last year may have been set aside but they are not dead. Take time to remember and you can once again return to the path you wanted to take.

I have created a remembrance form for you. It is my gift to you as we leave 2018. I have another gift for you also for 2019. Next week I’ll give you some assistance as you look forward to the new year with a purpose and desire form. Be sure to gift yourself with some time and fill them out. They are tools that will help coral the events of the past 365 days and set a course for the next 365 days.

Thank you for being a part of the wonderful things that blessed my life for 2018. I am thankful for each and every one of you that joins me here on The Breezy Porch and I’m excited to share my news with you all.

I have been working on my goal of being a published author for many years. I’ve set goals and forged toward them but I’ve also gotten off track and had to remember my purpose and dreams. But as this year comes to a close, I have finally achieved my goal.

I have signed a contract with Little Lamb Publishing for a Children’s picture book. I am so thrilled and I know this is just the first of many more to come. Of course, I will keep all of you abreast of the details as they unfold and it will be a truly thrilling day when I will be able to share my book with you.

So, let’s start by remembering and next week we begin our planning. Happy New Year’s dear friends. I know 2019 will be filled with thrills, romance and adventure.

Remembering 2018


List all the blessings from this past year.


  • List your favorite memories.
  • List your travels and adventures.
  • What did you enjoy and what do you want to do more of?


Make a list of the friends in your life this year. As you list them make some notes for yourself.

  • Did you enjoy this relationship?
  • Was this relationship a blessing or was it a negative relationship in your life?
  • Did you spend enough time with this person? If not why?
  • List the fun things you did together.
  • Were they a good friend?
  • Were YOU a good friend?


List the goals you wanted to accomplish this past year. As you write them down make some notes for yourself.

  • Did you accomplish this goal?
  • What steps did you accomplish and what steps still need to be taken?
  • Did you get off track?
  • If so, what caused you to get off track and what can you do to get back on track?
  • Did you write your goals down?
  • Did you have a plan of action to achieve your goals?
  • Looking back, were they worthy goals?
  • Were they goals that gave your life purpose?
  • Did your goals fit in with the purpose of your family?
  • Was your lifestyle such that it supported you being able to reach your goals?
  • Do you need to reset this goal?
  • Do you need to write a clearer plan to reach this goal?


  • Did you live your life with purpose this year?
  • Did you know what your purpose was?
  • Did your living and actions line up with what you feel your purpose is?
  • Did your purpose change this year?

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