The Best Ways to Create Warmth

“If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.”

An early chill has rushed in to central Indiana. One day it was 87 degrees and the very next day my aching joints were screaming, “What happened to autumn?” Our region is famous for bipolar weather but a one day 50-degree shift is rough on this summer-loving girl. Without a gradual seasonal shift, I’m searching for warmth.

Warmth is such a friendly word. One of its synonyms actually is friendliness. Cozy and kindness are also synonyms for warmth. In a cold world we all need a little warmth. The world can feel cold even when the temperature outside is far above freezing. No matter what temperature it is where you live, let’s add some warmth to our lives

  • “One kind word can warm three winter months.” Japanese Proverb.                                                       Add warmth to your life and the lives of others with kind words. We are all aware that social media has opened the door to verbal remarks that are not kind.  Things we would never say in person, are easily sent into cyberspace. Today, choose to make your written and spoken words kind. Choose to be an example. Choose to lift others. Choose to warm the hearts of others with your kindness.
  • “Friends are like quilts. They never lose their warmth.”                                                                  Friends warm our hearts. Their kind words, their fellowship and just knowing that they care are the formula for toasty feelings. Make time for friends. Be sure to chat regularly. Don’t just text, talk. Be sure to schedule outings or invite them over for a hot cup of something yummy and a heart to heart by the hearth. To have friends, we must first be a friend. A friend encourages. A friend follows through and can be trusted. A friend cares, shows true concern, listens and helps. Enrich your life with relationships. Bring warmth to a chilly life by being a friend.                                               
  • “May love and laughter light your day and warm your heart and home.” Irish Proverb           Uncle Albert from Mary Poppins loved to laugh and so do I. My family gatherings are filled with laughter and it is a true recipe for a warm heart. The world is filled with sadness, anger and aggression. We could all use some joy and humor in our lives to replace the negativity that seems so rampant. When gathering with others, focus on things that bring delight. Be the ray of sunshine in a cloudy world. Share a silly joke as opposed to the latest political satire. Bring humor with you wherever you go and help others to laugh, long and loud and clear.                                                            
  • A good meal shared with those we love is a true path to warmth and contentment. When the weather gets cold, out comes my big soup pot. In the summer I live for grilling outdoors paired with fresh from the garden produce but colder temperatures call for a one pot meal. My dining table has seen little use all summer as we dined alfresco but now I’m driven to drape it with table cloths and load it with candles, my steaming soup tureens and people that I love. One of my favorite ways to create warmth in my life is by enjoying a cozy meal with my family and friends.

Warmth is easily achieved with cozy blankets, candles and a comfortable home but true warmth comes from being kind, enjoying friends, sharing laughter and sharing a meal with others. The cold weather may not have reached you yet but it’s always a good time for some warmth in our lives.

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The cozy place I am looking for right now is my bed. I sure enjoyed reading and see your blog. Before calling it a day. It is like I just spent a little time with you. so right about warm helpful words. God helps you in such a wonderful way to share great truths we need to remember. Jody

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