Dinner and a movie are no longer my idea of a fun date. Restaurants, although they offer a much-needed break from cooking, rarely offer an intimate setting for meaningful conversation or a romantic atmosphere. I often leave restaurants designing a new one in my head that offers intimate seating, romantic lighting and food that tastes better than what I can throw together at home. After 37 years of marriage and countless dinner and movie dates, I’M DONE!

     Dates are vital to any relationship. A budding romance needs time to grow and the new couple needs time to enjoy each other’s company while learning more about this new person in their lives.

     Parents need date night to hold on to their relationship in the midst of chaos and parenting demands. Parents need to remember that they were a couple before they were a family.

     Empty nesters need to rediscover each other. Many years have been dedicated to career building and family rearing and sometimes couples can grow distant during the marathon of raising a family.

     Date night is essential to relationships at every level. Researchers say that couples who engage in activities that are fun and active, enjoy higher levels of relationship quality. In this way, couples counteract a tendency to take each other for granted.

     Couples also need to take an action that clearly states, “We matter!” In the midst of countless people and cares that are competing for our attention, we need to set the time aside and focus on the relationship that matters most. Date night says, “I’m creating time for us because we are worth it.”

     Healthy couples cultivate a strong sense of unity, happiness and commitment and these are developed during intentional dates. Intentionality means I’m not giving you the leftovers, I’m being deliberate toward you and our relationship.

     But what do you do for a date night that is fun, fosters intimacy, helps you grow as a couple, encourages romance and makes you look forward to date night?

     I needed more options, so I created The Ultimate Date Night Idea List.

     I’ve included just a few of the ideas included on this extensive list here on this blog post.


Click the LINK to download your FREE list, print it off and start planning your next date night. With 100 ideas, you’ll be inspired for years of date nights to come.

Stroll in the Rain – We make it a point to avoid the rain, but that is when nature pulls out her watercolors. Hand in hand, with the patter of rain on your umbrellas, stroll down city streets. Duck into out of the way doorways and steal a kiss behind your bumbershoot.

Rain runs like watercolors on this Paris street.

Prepare Dinner Together – Step aside top chefs. Plan and create a meal that includes plenty of creativity, tasting and romance. Spread a blanket near a fireplace or set out plenty of candles and enjoy your creation together.

Plan a Dream Vacation Together – Dream up an exotic getaway or plan a trip you truly want to take together. Use VRBO, HomeAway or Airbnb and find the perfect Tuscan Villa or Caribbean bungalow. What do you want to see? What do you want to do? Look up that waterfall you want to swim beneath. Bon Voyage!

We planned and enjoyed a dream vacation.

Learn a Language – Now that you’ve planned your trip, do you need to learn the language? Sign up for online classes and begin learning together. Make snacks that compliment your language choice and become bilingual and ready for that dream vacation.

Karaoke Night – No need to embarrass yourself at the local pub. Buy or borrow your very own karaoke mic and serenade each other. Start with Sonny and Cher’s, I’ve Got You Babe. Move on to Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole’s Unforgettable, and begin crooning all the best duets. Dim the lights, light the candles and your very own night club will emerge.

Date Night no longer has to consist of dinner and a movie unless you want it to. Be sure to download the full list of great date night ideas and light a new fire in your relationship.

Download and print your list HERE.

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  1. In consideration of a tight budget, my husband and I have things we like to do together:

    Shooting range
    Go for a drive
    Dine out
    Go out for dinner
    Take turns playing some of our favorite songs
    Share insights about relationships

    and more…


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